Melamine Compression Moulds

Multi Cavities Melamine Soup Spoon Mold

Multi Cavities Melamine Soup Spoon Mold

  • Presice design and high yield and high pass rate
  • Over 20 years experience in supplying qualified moulds

  • Brand:

  • Payment:

    TT Payment, LC Payment
  • product origin:

    Origin of China
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  • Lead Time:

    20 days
  • Product Detail

Shunhao Machine and Mould Factory is able to make different kinds of moulds

  • Melamine Bowl Compression Molds
  • Multi Cavities Melamine Spoons Mould
  • Melamine Plates Moulds
  • Single Color Split Cup Mould
  • 2 Colors Melamine Tableware Mould
  • UF Wash Basin Mold
  • Urea Lamp Holder Mould
  • UF Socket Compression Mould
  • Urea Lamp Holder Mould
  • UF Toilet Seat Cover Mould

Melamine and urea machines and molds factory

Mold Ordering Steps

  1. After receiving the inquiry, send the quotation to the customer within 24 hours
  2. Customers need to provide samples or 2D/3D drawings and some details of the mold
  3. Confirm order (material, price, workmanship, delivery time, payment terms, etc.)
  4. Confirm the mold details again
  5. Production according to customer requirements
  6. Surface shaping
  7. Drilling, high-speed engraving machine, wire cutting, etc.
  8. Test molds and send samples
  9. Mold modification suggestion
  10. Repair, polish
  11. Reconfirm the sample
  12. Mold delivery
multi cavities soup spoon moulds

FAQ for Melamine Compression Moulds

1. What is Shunhao Factory making? Where is it?

Shunhao Factory specializes in the production of melamine tableware machinery and melamine molds. It is in the southeast of China, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province.

2. What is the delivery time of the mold?

15-30 days after the effect drawing is confirmed, it depends on the mold order quantity and molds difficulty structure.

3. What is the packaging of melamine molds? How to ship it?

The mold can be packed in wooden boxes, which is generally required for air transportation; it can also be fixed in a wooden pallet with film packaging, which is generally suitable for sea transportation. If the number of molds is more than 100 sets, you can choose FCL, and all other quantities can be LCL.

4. What are the payment term?

30% by TT in advance & 70% by TT after trial samples confirmed but before shipment. Or 30% by TT & 70% by Irrevocable LC At Sight only.

 R&D Office                                                                                    CNC processing 

high quality melamine moulds

Steel materials testing                                                                Polishing processing

melamine mouds making

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