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  • Global Melamine Tableware Market Size by Region
    Oct 23, 2020

    The global melamine tableware market includes China, North America, Europe, Japan, India and other regions. 1. Among them, the Asia-Pacific region including China is the core leads the global melamine tableware market. In terms of production or consumption, China is the largest and fastest growing market in the Asia-Pacific region due to its huge population, intensive labor and consumption capacity. 2. Due to the increase in living needs, other countries such as India and Japan have also seen significant growth. In addition, the increase in disposable income and changes in lifestyle are also expected to promote the melamine market in the region. 3. Europe is the world's second-largest melamine market. It is mainly determined by people’s life quality requirements, that is, a high demand for tableware and kitchen utensils. The pie chart below shows the global melamine tableware market share by Region. In 2019, China accounted for a major share of 38.15% the global Melamine Tableware market, Europe 18%. The market for China and Europe account for more than half of the global melamine tableware market. Review of the Asia-Pacific Melamine Formaldehyde Market Due to the rapid industrialization and urbanization in this region, especially China, the global demand for melamine formaldehyde in the Asia-Pacific region is dominant. At the same time, China also has a dominant position in the demand and commercialization of melamine formaldehyde and related products. It can be predicted that the global melamine tableware market will show a growth trend in the future. In China, the market share will grow from US$ 444.34 million in 2020 to US$ 682.24 million by 2026. The Chart below visually and clearly details the market size of Melamine Tableware market share and growth trend by region in 2020 and 2026. For the big demand, tableware factories must be well prepared for the market. Any demand for machines and moulds of making melamine tableware, can just contact Shunhao, we will provide you a one-stop service.

  • The History of Melamine and Shunhao Factory
    Oct 16, 2020

    The History of Melamine The inventor of melamine is Justus von Liebig (was born in 1803, Germany ). He founded organic chemistry more than a hundred years ago, and melamine is one of his achievements. The reason why he invented the organic compound melamine was actually first used to save people and was first used in fertilizers, so he also has a title called "Father of Fertilizer Industry". All these achievements actually began with a change in 1816. That year, Mount Tambora erupted with unprecedented intensity. A large amount of volcanic ash caused a sharp drop in global temperature. There was no summer throughout the year and most of the food crops in the northern hemisphere were completely destroyed. The whole of Europe was enveloped by severe famine, which was called "the last and greatest survival crisis in the Western world." Germany is one of the countries with the worst famine. Liebig was 13 years old that year. It was this experience that planted a seed in his young heart and made him aspire to make changes in agriculture and bring more people to it. Until 1834, he accidentally synthesized a substance-melamine. Li Bixi just started to invent melamine, just want to use it as a fertilizer. After all, the nitrogen content of melamine is higher than that of urea, so it should be more suitable for nitrogen fertilizer, but it was not realized due to its too expensive and low absorption rate. After that, people kept trying to develop and use melamine. The main use of melamine is as a raw material for the production of melamine formaldehyde resin (MF). Melamine can also be used as flame retardant, water reducer, formaldehyde cleaner, etc. This resin has higher hardness than urea-formaldehyde resin, non-flammable, water resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance, arc resistance, chemical resistance, good insulation properties, gloss and mechanical strength, and is widely used in wood, plastics, coatings, papermaking, and textiles , Leather, electrical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Melamine formaldehyde resin, commonly known as melamine resin, melamine was first obtained a synthetic patent in 1938 and began industrial production. It was produced in Japan in 1951. The melamine plastic itself is colorless and transparent, non-toxic and tasteless, and has surface hardness, scratch-resistant, high surface gloss, bright color, can be used in an environment of 150 degrees, good toughness, not easy to break, so Japanese companies began to use tableware in 1960. By 1967, it rapidly expanded to an annual output of 80,000 tons. The History of Shunhao Factory Quanzhou ShunHao Melamine Moulds Co.,Ltd Started in 2002 and formally founded in 2008, Shunhao Company invited the Taiwan technical teams by 2014. 2005  start to make molds to supply domestic tableware factories 2010  formally registered the molds factory as the name of Shunhao Brand 2012  Investment into new machines development-automatic grinding machine 2014  to open j...

  • What Tableware Manufacturers Should Pay Attention to?
    Oct 15, 2020

    Today Shunhao will introduce melamine tableware, especially what manufacturers should constantly pay attention to improving the melamine tableware production process. The following suggestions are good for tableware manufacturers’ long lasting development. 1. Firstly, we need to find qualified raw material. As we all know, the production process of melamine tableware requires some special conditions, so that the melamine resin can be polymerized together to form a polymer compound. If we choose better raw material, the production conditions will be in control and the overall production efficiency will be greatly improved. Then we can reduce the temperature or change the pressure to create normal conditions suitable for it, which is also very effective in reducing energy. 2. We must improve the production machinery. Because machines determines the progress of the entire production process and product quality. For the transformation of the machine, on the one hand, we can use our internal scientific research personnel to comprehensively use the principles of various aspects, and then transform the machine. On the other hand, we can also learn from foreign technology and introduce some new machines from abroad to meet our higher level of production requirements. Melamine crockery making machine is such an important part in tableware production, too. Shunhao Factory not only owns the advanced technology, famous brand CNC machine but also more than 20 years experience in melamine industry. Our products includes melamine crockery compression machine, melamine crockery polishing machine, melamine preheater and etc. If you have questions about melamine production, please contact us.

  • Food & Hotel Indonesia---Shunhao Melamine Machines & Moulds
    Sep 28, 2020

    The Food & Hotel Indonesia, well known as FHI, is the leading trade exhibition for food, beverage and hospitality sector for over 28 years with over 50 product categories. • Holding time: 2021-07-28 to 2021-07-31 • Exhibition period: Every two years • Pavilion name: JAKARTA INTERNATIONAL EXPO Exhibition Introduction: 1. The International Hotel, Catering Equipment, Food and Drink Exhibition is a large-scale, international professional trade exhibition for the local catering and hotel industry in Jakarta, Indonesia. 2. It has greatly promoted the development of the Indonesian retail industry, especially its huge influence on the food, beverage and hotel equipment industries. 3. The exhibition is well-known among foreign manufacturers and has a very high evaluation in the local industry which has achieved remarkable results over the years. Exhibition Range: 1. Beer, wine and all kinds of alcohol; mineral water, non-alcoholic beverages, fruit juice and fruit juice-containing beverages, halal food, etc. 2. Biscuits, candies and pastries, frozen foods, beverages, grocery products, biotechnology products, canned foods, herbs and spices, snacks, gardening, cured meats, organic foods, dairy products, pickled products, cooked foods, food ingredients, agricultural products, etc. 3. Hotel kitchen equipment: commercial kitchen equipment, induction cooker, gas stove, coffee machine, juicer, dough mixer, steamed bun machine, vegetable cutter, vegetable filling machine, commercial baking, refrigeration equipment, pastry equipment, ice cream machine equipment, Buffet equipment, etc. 4. Hotel dining utensils: commercial tableware, kitchen utensils, paper cups, tableware, tableware, dinner plates, wine glasses, catering service utensils, stainless steel pots, coffee cups, disposable lunch boxes, trash cans, plastic bags, etc. (Any questions about melamine dining utensils production, welcome all tableware factories to contact us. Shunhao has been focusing on melamine crockery machine and melamine tableware molds for over 18 years.) 5. Hotel room supplies: telephone, notebook, file holder, trash can, storage box, disposable daily necessities, guest room textiles, bathrobes, slippers, uniforms, dry cleaning bags, carpets, wallpapers, pendants, ornaments, curtains, decorations Products, calendars, mirrors, etc.

  • Holiday Notice of Chinese National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival---Shunhao Melamines Machine&Moulds
    Sep 25, 2020

    Dear Valued Customers, It is kindly informed that our company is scheduled for an 8 days holiday. Holiday Period: October 1st, 2020 (Thursday)-October 8th, 2020 (Thursday) Back to Work: October 9th, 2020 (Friday) Since it’s a long time holiday, you may make a plan for any needs for melamine crockery machines or molds ahead of time. Please feel free to contact us via machine@hongancn.com or +86 15905996312, if you have something urgent to get an answer. You may leave a message through the online inquiry forms. Happy Chinese National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival! Shunhao Company September 25th,2020

  • The Future of the Melamine Market
    Sep 23, 2020

    As we know, melamine tableware can be divided into commercial and residential tableware according to the applications. Commercial tableware also includes tableware for hotels, chain restaurants, company canteens, and school canteens. 1. Tableware for hotel In the past, most hotel tableware used high-end porcelain products. However, melamine tableware is recognized by more and more people because it not only has the advantages of ceramics but also has good heat resistance, drop resistance, and easy cleaning. 2. Tableware for fast food chains, corporate restaurants, school canteens The melamine tableware used in restaurants and canteens of corporate and schools is generally in a combined form, which is convenient and practical, easy to clean, and avoids damage caused by collisions. A new type of melamine tableware with a smart chip is very popular for restaurants. The quick identification of the dinning fee effectively solves the problems of long queues, long waiting times, and manual calculation errors. Therefore, it is widely used in school canteens, company canteens, fast food chain stores, and other places. RFID radio frequency chip is implanted at the bottom of every smart dinner plate. Despite this, it has all the advantages of melamine tableware with the advantage of easy cleaning and disinfection, etc. Click here for more information about melamine tableware with a smart chip. Residential melamine tableware includes household tableware and children tableware. 1. Common tableware for household use Household melamine tableware, such as bowls, chopsticks, spoons, plates, etc which are very practical and durable. 2. Children's tableware Children's melamine tableware has rich colors, unique appearance, durable, practical &convenient. The designs are more user-friendly, and some are fancy cartoon pattern. They are scratch-resistant, drop-resistant, safe and hygienic, and easy to carry. After introducing the application types of melamine tableware, Shunhao will share with you the market share of melamine tableware according to the commercial and residential applications. Table. Global Melamine Tableware Market Size Growth Rate by Application (2020-2026) & (thousand MT) The figure above shows the market share of melamine tableware by application in 2020 and 2026. In the melamine tableware market, commercial applications occupy an important share, which is expected to reach 318.6 (thousand tons) by 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 10.59% by 2020 and 2026. Figure. Global Melamine Tableware Sales Market Share by Application in 2020 & 2026 Commercial markets include hotels, restaurants, etc. But COVID-19 has caused massive shutdowns worldwide. Many restaurants cannot be opened or even closed which causing the commercial market to shrink sharply. However, there are more people stay at home or bring their own meals due to COVID-19, the residential melamine tableware market has grown significantly. SHUNHAO would like to have a soft ...

  • Introduction to the Molding Process of Melamine Tableware with Smart Chip
    Sep 09, 2020

    With the development of science and technology, "information digitalization" has increasingly integrated into all aspects of people's lives. The smart chip melamine tableware can obtain the required signals through its own chip and radio frequency technology, so as to obtain the desired data, and then complete the work with the help of the corresponding system. It not only improves work efficiency but also facilitates people's life and work. Before we introduce the molding process of melamine tableware with smart chip, let’s know more about the machine for making this kind of tableware. The 200 tons two-color melamine tableware compression machine produced by the Shunhao Factory is suitable for manufacturing melamine tableware with smart chips. The picture shows the structure diagram of the melamine tableware molding machine. 1. Hydraulic cylinder; 2. Lower mold base; 3. Lower mold; 4. Upper mold; 5. Slide frame; 6. Upper mold base; 7. Drive unit; 8. Protruding part; At the bottom of the machine, there is a hydraulic cylinder 1. The top of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder 1 is connected with a lower mold base 2. The lower mold base 2 is fixedly provided with a lower mold 3. The upper part of the machine is an upper mold base 6. The upper mold base 6 is provided with a linear track arranged in a horizontal direction, and a sliding frame 5 is on the linear track. The sliding frame 5 is fixedly connected with an upper mold base 6. The bottom of the upper mold base 6 is the upper mold 4. The heating unit is set in the lower mold base 2 and the upper mold base 6. It is used to heat the upper mold 4 and the lower mold 3 respectively. Upper mold 4 includes the first upper mold and the second upper mold. The first upper mold is used for the first press and the second upper mold for the second press. The first upper mold has a protrusion part 8. After the mold is closed, the protrusion 8 forms a chip groove for placing the chip on the semi-finished product of the smart melamine tableware. The protrusion part 8 has an eccentric distance of 0.5-1cm from the center of the upper mold 4. The driving unit is used to drive the slide frame 5 to move forward on the linear track after the first pressing is completed so that the second upper mold corresponds to the position of the lower mold to start the second time press. The molding process of melamine tableware with chips includes the following steps: 1. Preparation of raw material Weigh the required weight of melamine raw material and divided into raw material No.1 and raw material No.2. 2. Preheating Preheat raw material No.1 and No.2 and No.1 raw material accounts for 50% to 70% of the total melamine raw material. 3. The first press Put the preheated raw material in a mold and press through the mold to obtain a semi-finished product of smart melamine tableware. The semi-finished melamine tableware is formed with a chip groove for placing chips. 4. Chip fusion Place the smart chip flat in the chip groov...

  • Forecast! Global Market of Melamine Tableware
    Aug 27, 2020

    Melamine resin products have been accepted by consumers all over the world, and the applications of melamine have covered Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and other countries and regions. The demand for melamine tableware is also showing an upward trend. After recent years of development, with the continuous improvement of the technical level of the melamine molding powder industry, the product quality level has also been continuously improved. The market size of the melamine tableware industry has also maintained a continuous upward trend. However, COVID-19 has caused a massive global shutdown. Many restaurants cannot be opened or even closed. Disposable tableware is widely promoted, causing the commercial market to shrink sharply. As people stay at home or prepare their own meals more due to COVID-19, the market for melamine products used in residential buildings has grown significantly. Today Shunhao Company will share with you the data of Global Melamine Tableware Market Estimates and Forecasts. The data for 2020 is an estimate, based on the historical data and the integrated view of industrial experts, manufacturers, distributors and end-users, etc. Figure 1. Global Melamine Tableware Market Size, (US$ Million), 2015 VS 2020 VS 2026 According to data, the global melamine tableware market in 2019 was US$1003.02 million, and it is expected to reach US$1135.77 million by the end of 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 1.79% from 2019 to 2026. Therefore, we have the confidence to believe that the revenue growth of the melamine tableware for people's daily using necessity will reach a peak after the epidemic, and then show a trend of stable development. Figure 2. Global Melamine Tableware Market Size 2015-2026 (US$ Million) Shunhao Company recommends that tableware manufacturers could well prepare now for the melamine market demand next year. The new designed melamine press cup moulds by Shunhao R&D Team and qualified Taiwan technical melamine tableware molding equipment will help you to win the market. Picture. Shunhao is specialized in melamine industry for more than 20 years.

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