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Automatic Drying Machine Line for Decal Paper

Automatic Drying Machine Line for Decal Paper

  • automatic drying machine line for decal paper, circulation drying with electricity
  • High speed and easy to get the ready paper under cold days

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Automatic Drying Machine Line for Decal Paper

Why this machine is using in China tableware factories?

*High consumption of decal paper every day, this machine can meet the High production demand

*Paper is clean drying in this machine, no any dust will be in the paper during hanging open space

*Less labour working for the paper drying line

*Less space using for paper ( Hanging open space requires more for the papers)

Fully auto paper drying line Shunhao

*Now machine line is also invested outside of China (see the picture above)

Technical Parameters

Machine Power


Machine Dimensions L*W*H


Machine Weight


Space requirement:

* Length of the heating system: 10meters 

* Revolving circulation system of outside part: 3-5meters

* Height of the machine: 2.7meters

The decal paper drying machine system can be designed specially according to the factory size or factory need.

melamine tableware decal paper drying machine


*How to ship this machine?

The decal paper drying machine requires the 40HQ container.

*How many hangers need to prepare?

Normally, there are 2000pcs of hangers using in the machine and keep 500pcs in stock for spare.

*Is it a very heavy machine?

No, the weight is 2500kgs, you can put the paper drying machine on the second floor if required.

*Is the paper drying machine installed complicatedly?

No, the main part of the decal paper machine will be single part packing, and other parts can be separated packing, then assembly these parts easily when the machine reaches the tableware factory.

Auto paper drying machine systemMain part of the drying machine system

In melamine tableware production industry, you can get the one-stop service from Shunhao machines&molds.

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