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Who is Shunhao?

Quanzhou Shunhao Melamine Moulds Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of tableware molding machines and also the quality molds for various kinds of melamine tableware& urea tableware or other compression items. Started in 2002 and formally founded in 2008, Shunhao Company invited the Taiwan technical teams by 2014.

In 2012, Shunhao Company invested to design the high speed and labor-saving automatic grinding & polishing machines for tableware factory.

In 2014, the company established a sister company, named Quanzhou Hongan Machinery Co.,Ltd to export its goods to other countries on its own.

Shunhao Machines and Moulds Factory

What is Shunhao Doing?

Professional Supply of Machines and Molds:

* Single Color / Double Color Melamine Automatic Pressing Machine (Pressure: 150 tons-2000 tons)

* Melamine Preheater Machine: 5kw/7kw/10kw

* Melamine Automatic Grinding Machine: 2 head / 3 head /4 head / 5 head

* Decal Paper Cutting Machine

* Molds: glossy surface / matt finished surface / wooden etching surface

* Other Related Accessories

Shunhao Company aims to provide you with one-stop service. The management team will be happy to to be the sincere business partner always!

melamine tableware moulding machine

Why Shunhao Can?

With high quality and reasonable price, the machines and moulds are very popular in South-east Asia, South America, Mid-East and other areas.

We have our own research and design team to meet customers’ needs.

We provide one-stop service for tableware factories.

tableware moulding machine factory

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