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  • Shunhao Automatic Melamine Grinding Machine For Melamine Dinnerware
    May 17, 2024

    Shunhao automatic melamine tableware edging machine for melamine trays, plates, and bowls Delivering exceptional speed and precision during edge grinding operations. Reduce labor costs significantly while bidding farewell to the monotonous manual grinding tasks.

  • Shunhao Circular Automatic Edge Grinding Machine Shipment
    May 16, 2024

    Shunhao Machine and Mould Factory recently dispatched a fresh shipment on May 15th. Included in the shipment are one circular automatic edging machine and a pair of corresponding dust collectors. Shunhao's machines are meticulously crafted to effectively aid customer factories in enhancing production efficiency and elevating product quality. The CNC continuous circular melamine dish edging and polishing machine serves as the primary tool for edging and polishing melamine circular products. It is outfitted with a PLC fully automatic CNC adjustment system that offers precise control over the edging and polishing speed. The computer integrated into the machine possesses a remarkable memory capacity of 999 sets of working parameters, simplifying the process of retrieval and utilization. We eagerly invite inquiries and discussions regarding any potential business opportunities. For purchases, kindly reach out to our dedicated hotline at +86-15905996312 and ask for Ms. Shelly. You may also connect with her via email at machine@hongancn.com.

  • Machines Stable Delivery from Shunhao Machine and Mould Factory
    May 09, 2024

    In early May, Shunhao Machine and Mould Factory successfully and safely shipped 300 tons melamine tableware compression machine and circular edge trimming machine to our cooperative tableware manufacturers. In addition to the mentioned machines, Shunhao Machinery Mould Factory also produces preheating machines, melamine tableware edge grinding machines, and precision tableware molds. Our double color melamine molding machine creates beautiful two-tone utensils with a variety of colors and innovative designs. We welcome you to contact us for collaboration. Sales Manager: Ms. Chen Mobile: +86 15905996312 Email: machine@hongancn.com

  • Shunhao 2024 International Workers' Day Holiday
    Apr 28, 2024

    Dear Valued Customers, With the approaching international workers' day, we wanted to inform you about the holiday schedule at Shunhao Machine and Mould Factory: 1. Holiday: May 1st (Wednesday) to May 5th (Sunday) 2. Resume Operations: May 6th (Monday) If you require melamine molding machines and moulds, please reach out to us via email or phone. We are committed to providing you with prompt assistance. Contact Information: Phone: +86 15905996312 Email: machine@hongancn.com Shunhao Melamine Moulds Co., Ltd April 28th, 2024

  • Shunhao 200 Ton Melamine Tableware Molding Machines Latest Delivery
    Apr 25, 2024

    200 tons melamine tableware compression machines from Shunhao Factory were successfully and safely shipped on April 24. In addition to the machine, there is also some melamine molding powder. In Shunhao Factory, the melamine machine undergoes 48 hours of high-pressure testing and meticulous packaging procedures to ensure that the machine can be put into use quickly when it arrives at the customer's factory. Shunhao Machine and Mould Manufacturer is firmly committed to helping tableware factories thrive in the melamine tableware industry and is always ready to provide quality services. For any questions or support, please feel free to contact us directly. Sales Manager: Shelly Chen Mobile: +86 15905996312 Email: machine@hongancn.com

  • Shunhao Circular Automatic Edging Machine and Preheater Shipment
    Apr 18, 2024

    Shunhao Factory is a manufacturer specializing in the production of melamine and urea machines and molds. Shunhao has already served more than 200 tableware factories wth quality machines and moulds but also supplied the latest industry market information, development trends, and first-class professional after-sales service. On April 18th, Shunhao Factory successfully delivered 1 circular automatic trimming machine, 3 preheating machines and other accessories. In order to ensure that the machines and molds can be quickly put into production at the customer's factory, Shunhao Factory made great efforts to arrange timely delivery. The delivery was successful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Phone: +86 15905996312 (Ms. Shelly) Email: machine@hongancn.com

  • Shunhao Melamine Tableware Machine and Mold Factory New Shipment
    Apr 12, 2024

    On April 8th, Shunhao Machine and Mold Factory successfully dispatched a consignment of melamine tableware machinery that was ordered by customers from South America. This shipment comprises a 300 ton melamine tableware machine, a three station melamine tableware polish machine accompanied by a dust collection cabinet, and a 7kw melamine powder preheating machine. Shunhao Factory prides itself on the popularity of its 300-ton molding machine, which continues to attract a growing number of customers due to its unique design that provides various advantages. These include enhanced output, reduced power consumption, lower maintenance costs, and simplified operation for workers. To ensure machine performance and prompt usability leading to profitable outcomes for the factory, all Shunhao molding machines undergo a rigorous three-day testing process involving non-stop operation and pressurization. For those interested in acquiring melamine tableware making machines and molds, please feel free to reach out to us directly. Mobile: 86-15905996312   Email: machine@hongancn.com

  • Shunhao Factory Work Guidance Abroad
    Apr 10, 2024

    In recent days, the sales team of Shunhao Melamine Machine and Mould Factory had on a journey abroad to provide guidance to our customers' factories. The planned duration of the guidance is 7 days, aiming to assist the customers in utilizing the machinery more effectively and correctly, thereby enhancing production quality and efficiency. Take a look! Our experienced sales manager, Jacky He, is guiding the factory worker on operating and maintaining a two-station melamine tableware automatic edge grinding machine. This machine speeds 600-840 pieces per hour for circular products and 400-600 pieces per hour for non-circular products. Equipped with a dedicated dust collector, the edge grinding machine is clean, hygienic, high-speed, and automated, offering a female-friendly working environment. The 300-ton melamine molding machine is the best selling model in Shunhao Factory. With a deep understanding of our customer's needs, we are thrilled to share that our machines are performing exceptionally well in their factories. The resulting melamine bowls, plates, and other products boast minimal wastage and superior quality, positioning them favorably in the local market. Finally, the overseas work guidance has progressed smoothly. Here we would like to extend our gratitude to cutomers for recognizing and appreciating our efforts.

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