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Shunhao manufacturer is supplying the qualified machines and molds to tableware factories in and out of China. Besides, R&D team work and Taiwan Technical designed system support the service. Shunhao Melamine molds and machines already running well in other countries from 2009: Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Egypt, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Morroco, Algeria, Mexico, Turkey, France, and other countries.
  • Pressure Drop of Melamine Tableware Molding Machine
    Jun 23, 2020

    Service Client: N.S Plastic & Melamine Tableware Factory Machine Model: Split melamine molding press machine 300Tons Machine Problem: Pressure dropping during running Service Way: Online communication Solving Time: 2 days Case: When the split molding machine is pressuring, the pressure dropping to show from the oil gauge, the machine cannot press properly. Now check one by one: 1. Check the outside surface of the machines, if there is any place oil leak: 1-1. Main cylinder 1-2. Air-released hole at the backside of cylinder (Picture 1) Picture 1 1-3. Air gauge (Picture 2 ) 1-4. Pressure relieve valve (Picture 2) Picture 2 2. If there is no oil leak from the above mentioned parts, then come to check the Pressure Relieve Valve. Open the valve and check if the rubber seal is broken or not. If the rubber seal is broken, there will be oil leak, need to replace new seal. If the rubber seal is not broken, then clean the valve by water and air gun, to clean the foreign matters out if have. Then replace this valve back. 3. After replacing the Relieve valve, if the pressure still drops, then comes to check the Check-valve. Open the valve and clean it. 4. After replacing the Check-valve, and the problem still not solved, then comes to check the next part, Air-Released Valve: It needs to remove this part properly and carefully, because of the oil seal is different shapes ( we have a video to show how to remove): After removing this valve, and then run this valve at hand, we can see if there are any foreign matters inside to stop the valve closing properly, and the machine pressure drops. Within 2 days (due to time difference between 2 countries), the problem of pressure drops of melamine tableware split molding machine solved finally, thanks for cooperation work from the melamine tableware factory’s engineers team.

  • Experienced cooperation: W Tableware Factory In China
    Apr 10, 2020

    W Tableware factory, the top brand of melamine tableware factories in China nowadays,is one of the valued clients for Shunhao molds factory. W tableware factory develops new items to the market every month. Shunhao R&D team starts their work fast when receive their samples. W tableware is well accepted for its nice designs but molds are not easy to make. In March.2020, Shunhao molds team needs to make one set of molds with 2 colors. As per their requirement, this mold will be run in the two-color molding machine. But when molds testing in the 2-color pressing machine, finished melamine products can not release from the mold. How to solve this problem? And what is wrong in this mold? Shunhao team testing the molds again, but it comes to the same result. It’s 2 tone color melamine bowl, with a straight bowl wall, and Matt finished for the mold's surface. Shunhao changed the mind to run this mold in the split molding machine, and finally, the nice bowl came out!

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