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Why Shunhao Can?

*R&D department designing work experience Since 2002

We can design from physical samples (melamine tableware sample / glassware sample / ceramics sample / wooden samples) / pictures / 3D files or any new concept.

And we will share the idea how to change the designs, to meet the special request for your market.

Mechanical engineers team designs machines to meet the market trend.

When you need the competitive cost of machines with high performance, new models of machine 300 tons coming for you; 

When you have the problem to finishing the rough products for polishing, automatic grinding machines coming for you.

Melamine tableware moulds manufacturer

  • 2020, Shunhao factory owns 2 sets of CNC machines JD brand (Top brand quality in China) working in molds factory, to cut the designs based on its drawing files, up to 99% copy. This is the first 2 sets of CNC machines working in the compression molds industry, quality is 100% expected.
  • Taiwan technology imported for the machines designed originally and the spare parts of famous brands are using, to guarantee its performance precisely, and also easy for machine users to purchase the parts easily.
  • Experienced after-sales service team who are working and serving more than 100 tableware factories all over the world. We fly to many countries every year, to serve the factories for machines installation / machines maintenance / molds designs discussion by face-meeting or else.

Shunhao molding machines and tableware moulds

If you are a new runner of tableware factories, you can call us!

If you have a problem with machine maintenance, you can call us!

If you have an idea to change the machines to improve production, you can call us!

If you have new molds to development but need suggestions from molds maker, you can call us!

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