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  • Tehran International Household Appliances Exhibition
    Jun 03, 2020

    Exhibition time: November, 16, 2020 Holding Period: Once a year Exhibition Hall: Tehran International Exhibition Center, Tehran, Iran Exhibition Introduction Iran Household Appliances Exhibition has been successfully held for 19 sessions. The Iran Household Appliances Association and the Iran Trade Promotion Committee, through the Iran Household Appliances Association and the Committee, took the lead in inviting large local buyers, agents, distributors, and procurement leaders of major stores to visit the site to discuss procurement. Its exhibition goals: make full use of this exhibition to increase the income from exchanges between countries, improve the morale of manufacturers, and encourage them to participate actively in the competition in the international market, understand the international trade links, understand the needs of the world market, provide lower manufacturing costs and improve Product quality to enhance export competitiveness. Exhibition Range 1. Small household appliances: cold motors, water dispensers, electric heaters, dishwashers, gas stoves, heaters, water heaters, kitchenware, fireplaces, disinfection cabinets, gas bottles, barbecue grills, kettles, ventilators, vacuum cleaners, Small household appliances such as irons, juicers, hair dryers, meat grinders, electric fans, juicers, frying pans, electric teapots, sewing machines, electronic scales, game consoles, water filters, water coolers, microwave ovens, etc.; 2. Home appliances: refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, refrigerators, fireplaces, cooker hoods, electric fans, ventilating fans, electric ovens, space heaters, TVs and other home appliances; 3. Household items and kitchen items: glass products, baking trays, ceramic tableware, stainless steel tableware, all kinds of tableware and kitchen cleaning supplies, etc .; bathroom utensils, cleaning utensils, storage and storage, household hardware, plastics, ceramics, glass, metal products, bake ware, glassware, kitchen furniture, various tableware and accessories, etc .; 4. Home appliance parts and electronic information products: compressors, control valves, sensors, relays, sensors, converters, controllers, electro acoustic devices, opto-electronic devices, heating devices, radiator parts, precision components, smart home appliance solutions and other home appliances Parts, etc. Melamine tableware is a beautiful and healthy daily necessity. The melamine powder can not only be molded, but also can be decorated with various decal papers. Beautiful melamine tableware can embellish our daily life, even save money. Although ceramic tableware or glassware is beautiful, they are easy to break. Melamine ware is popular in our lives, such as the dining ware, kitchen supplies, bathroom supplies, and even high-end hotel supplies. If you need to make various EYE-CATCHING melamine tableware or HIGH QUALITY hotel supplies, you will get the VALUABLE MOLDS / MACHINES / EXPERIENCED SERVICE from SHUNHAO, ...

  • Shanghai International Hospitality Supplies & Catering Industry Exhibition 2020
    Jun 01, 2020

    Shanghai International Hotel &Catering Suppliers Fair Date: Nov 18-20, 2020 Venue: Shanghai Ever bright Convention & Exhibition Center, China Exhibition Overview HCCE CHINA provides a one-stop sourcing solution for mid-to-high-end hotels, catering buyers, traders, and distributors, and an annual trade event for domestic and international hotel and catering industry, especially the eastern region of China. The 2019 Shanghai International Hospitality Supplies & Catering Industry exhibition has attracted 800 exhibitors from 28 countries and regions, such as the United States, Russia, France, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, Iran, and many domestic provinces and cities to bring a rich product collective Debut. A total of 31,280 visitors were received, including 26,901 professional buyers and professional visitors. The total area of the exhibition exceeded 30,000 square meters. In order to meet the growing demand for high-quality hotels, food, beverages, catering and other markets in China and Asia, the 2020 Shanghai International Hospitality Supplies & Catering Industry exhibition will have a wealth of resources for sellers and buyers and will include ten exciting events such as contests, forums, exhibitions, and trade matching. To bring high-value-added participation effects to exhibitors. Create a most direct and effective platform for domestic and foreign manufacturers, traders, distributors, retailers, experts and scholars, enthusiasts and consumers, and hotel and restaurant-related persons to conduct face-to-face distribution negotiations, business cooperation, and experience exchange with enterprises. The next exhibition is expected to be larger in scale and better in quality than before! As an international leading hotel equipment and food ingredients expo, HCCE will continue to lead brand enterprises to enter the Chinese market and jointly build an important feast for the international hotel and catering industry! Scope of Exhibits 1. Catering Equipment and Supplies Comprehensive cooking equipment | Refrigeration equipment | Dishwasher | Kitchen auxiliary equipment | Buffet equipment 2. Hotel linen and Textile Fabric Hotel Clothing Series | Restaurant Linen | Bedding | Decorative Fabric | Bathroom Series 3. Catering Food and Beverage Fresh raw materials and semi-finished products, instant products | aquatic seafood, frozen and frozen foods | fruits and vegetables, canned foods and condiments | baking and ice cream equipment high-end drinking water | 4. Guest Room Electrical Appliances and Supplies Consumables | Paid supplies | Small appliances | Bamboo and rattan paint products | Acrylic products | Leather products 5. Hotel IT Smart Electronics Hotel Monitoring | POS Machine | Telephone Audio | Door Lock | Hotel Software | Intelligent Control 6. Desktop Supplies Ceramics | Glass | Stainless Steel | Gold and Silverware | Acrylic Plastics | Density | 7. Coffee and Tea Coffee equipment, coffee utens...

  • The 127th Canton Fair will be Held Online from June 15-24
    May 26, 2020

    China Import and Export Fair is short for Canton Fair, formerly known as China Export Commodities Fair. It is a comprehensive international trade exhibition jointly organized by the Ministry of Commerce and the People ’s Government of Guangdong Province and undertaken by the China Foreign Trade Center. Mainland China is currently the largest and best-selling international trade show. It is held in Guangzhou International Conference and Exhibition Center (Canton Fair Pazhou Complex) every spring and autumn. Spring Fair time Autumn Fair Time First period: April 15-19                                         First period: October 15-19 Second period: April 23-27                                    Second period: October 23-27 Third period: May 1st-5th                                      Third period: October 31-November 4 Exhibition Range 1. Electronics and home appliances Consumer electronics and information products, electrical and electronic products, household appliances 2. Lighting Lighting system applications, electric light sources, lamp accessories 3. Vehicles and accessories Bicycles, auto parts, non-engineering vehicles, etc. 4. Mechanical Power, electric equipment, general machinery, small processing machinery and industrial parts, engineering agricultural machinery, large machinery and equipment Daily necessities manufacturing machinery: such as plastic machinery, chemical machinery, melamine tableware molding machine, melamine tableware grinding machine 5. Hardware tools 6. Building materials Building and decorative materials, bathroom equipment 7. Chemical products Inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals, agrochemicals, dyes, pigments, paints and intermediates, plastics, rubber and their products, such as melamine powder 8. Energy Solar photovoltaic products, solar thermal products, wind energy products and accessories, other new energy products Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the 127th "China Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair)" was postponed and could not be held on April 15 as scheduled. The 127th Canton Fair will be held online for 15 days from June 15-24. Holding Canton Fair on the Internet is an innovative measure to actively respond to the impact of the Novel Coronavirus epidemic, and strive to stabilize the basic foreign capital of foreign trade. Shunhao Machines & Moulds Company has been committed to providing customers in and out of China with practical and reliable quality melamine tableware manufacturing equipment, Taiwan technology, well-known brand accessories, and experienced services. Besides, Shunhao Factory is strategically located, very close to Guangzhou. It is convenient for you who need melamine tableware molding equipment...

  • 2021 Australia Sydney International Machinery NMW Exhibition
    May 25, 2020

    NMW: National Manufacturing Week Exhibition Date: May 11, 2021-May 14, 2021 Venue: Sydney, Australia Exhibition Cycle: once a year Exhibition Hall: Sydney Exhibition Center, Australia Exhibition Introduction Australia's largest high-level machinery industry exhibition The Australian Machinery Manufacturing Week (The abbreviation is NMW) is the largest, highest and most extensive industrial technology exhibition and trading venue in Oceania. It is held once a year in two cities, Sydney and Melbourne. Wide exhibition scope: The exhibition scope is relatively wide, basically covering various products in the machinery industry. Among them are machine tools, construction machinery, hardware tools, welding heat treatment, electronic power, and material handling. It is divided into twelve themes, including: Australia International Engineering Exhibition, Welding Heat Treatment Exhibition, Casting and Forging, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Technology, Material Handling, Computer Control, Security Products, Process and Control Exhibition, Machine Tool, Metal Processing, Power Equipment Electronic devices, etc. Large exhibition scale: In 2017, there were exhibitors from China, India, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, South Africa, the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, with tens of thousands of visitors. The exhibition survey showed that industrial manufacturing and service exhibitions on industry, mining, energy and other resources were particularly valued by visitors. Exhibition Range 1. International Engineering Exhibition: CNC machining centers: horizontal and vertical machining centers, CNC lathes, automatic lathes, sheet metal: forming, bending, stamping, shearing equipment, grinding, drawing, boring, milling, water jet cutting machines , laser equipment, etc 2. Automation and Robot Exhibition: automation systems, barcode / recognition systems, computer integrated manufacturing systems, consulting services, fluid control, operators, image processing, motion control equipment, operation interfaces, optoelectronic systems, pneumatic control, etc 3. Instrumentation, control and automation exhibition: analyzers / analysis equipment, pneumatic actuators and hydraulics, pneumatic products, drives, programmable controllers, pipes, hoses and accessories, nuclear power plant monitoring systems, processes and control systems Wait 4. Big welding, heat treatment exhibition: cutting and preparation, gas equipment, heat treatment, industrial gas, laser welding and cutting, materials including steel, stainless steel and aluminum, manufacturing and manufacturing technology, metal forming, welding equipment, welding research and development , Castings, forgings, etc 5. Electric power exhibition: generators and generator sets, cables and bus bars, communication engineering, computer technology and communication technology, data communication, power-related accessories and auxiliary products, electronic parts and ac...

  • Hanoi International Machinery Manufacturing Exhibition
    Mar 24, 2020

    Exhibition Time: August 2020 Held Cycle: once a year First Time Held: 2009 Venue: Hanoi International Exhibition Center, Vietnam Exhibition Introduction This is Vietnam's leading machinery manufacturing exhibition. As customer expectations continue to rise and demand diversifies, manufacturers continue to increase the value of their products. Higher productivity, skills and know-how, and a broader business network are key factors for sustainable development. "Vietnam International Machinery Manufacturing Fair 2018" is where these key factors come together. More than 200 brands from more than 20 countries will gather with their potential customers and partners. This exhibition also has supporting training plans and promotional activities, which will become a springboard for manufacturers to move towards Industry 4.0. High degree of internationalization: The last exhibition attracted 8,974 industry visitors; more than 200 brands from more than 20 countries participated in the exhibition, and won the praise of many domestic and foreign exhibitors. Exhibition Criteria 1. Model and impression: drilling machine, grinding machine, gear cutting machine, grid machine, lathe machine, metal cutting machine, machining center, turning center, drilling center, tapping machine, precision measurement, optical measurement, test Machines and instruments 2. Mold materials and components: brushes, molds and mold parts, molds and mold steel, die pressing, stamping and stamping molds, die casting molds, mold foundations, pillars, plastic molds, die casting molds, mold design, mold welding machines, melamine tableware molds,compression molds, etc. 3. Plastics: CNC machinery, plastic processing, plastic injection molding machinery, blow molding machinery, pet blowing machinery, plastic film machinery, injection molding machinery, runners and central granulators, plastic recycling machines,melamine tableware molding machine,UF toilet seat and covers making machine, thermoforming plastic recycling technology, plastic recycling Extruder, plastic crushing machinery, washing and drying line, agglomeration machinery, pellet cutting machinery, etc. 4. Metal plates: shears, cutting machines, water jet cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, gas cutting machines, laser cutting machines, punching machines, bending machines, original sheet metal manufacturing and production, metal plate accessories, etc. 5. Automation and assembly technology: assembly and processing systems, bar code systems, safety, non-testing systems compressors, air dryers, conductors, pollution filters and filters, heat exchangers, hoses, hydraulic systems, transmissions, pneumatics Systems, pumps and valves, sensors, vacuum technology, etc.

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