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Decal Paper Bonding Machine

Decal Paper Bonding Machine

Decal paper automatic joint machine

-No need Glue

-High speed

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    650 * 400 * 950MM
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Decal paper joint machine is widely used in melamine tableware factories. 

Decal paper has different shapes, because of the radius of the melamine products. 

Like bowls / glasses / lids, or other shapes which has the radius, the decal paper needs to be joined first, before putting in the mold. 

paper joint machinePaper joint machine automatically


Melamine tableware is colorful with all kinds of the papers decarations. Melamine bowls or glasses or other items, need to put the decal paper, you need to cut the papers first from the printing paper, and then join the papers into complete circle. Traditional way is using the glue by manual.

Auto joint machine for decal paper is working without the glue, by pnuematic system, friendly enviroment and high speed!

automatic paper joint machine

*Technical Parameters*


Decal Paper Bonding Machine



Input Voltage


Working Frequency


Output Power


Machine Head

Square Post

Weld Head Stroke

Effective Stroke 75MM

Output Time Control


Adjustable Pressure

Adjustable 0-10KG

Pressure Requirements

More than 6KG

Working Table

350 * 350mm

Machine Size

650 * 400 * 950mm


Taiwan Air TAC

Guide Bar

Japan Precision Linear Guide


Original Japan Sanyo


Taiwan YK

decal paper joint machine with no glue

TIPS: which model you will run?

Melamine tableware factory A: 

More than 20 labour to work together, requires more space, more salary, higher percentage of labour-short.

Melamine tableware factory B:

Less than 10 labour to work with less automatic paper joint machine, less space and less trouble.

Shunhao is always glad to introduce new technology for melamine tableware production!

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