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Melamine Paper Cutting Machine

Melamine Paper Cutting Machine

Decal paper Cutting Machine

-Hydraulic Cutting

-Easy Operating

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    SHC-30 Tons
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Hydraulic Cutting Machine

1. This machine is suitable for cutting materials like leather, cloth,decal paper and materials needed sword die cutting out.

2. The swing arm swings freely, and the operation sight is excellent. It is especially applicable to the material cutting of leather material.

3. Use both hands switch operation, to ensure the safety of operation staff.

4. The pillar is equipped with self-lubricating system and does not require manual refueling, which improves the service life of the machine

5. The hydraulic system running in a closed environment can work under the general working environment.

melamine paper cutting machinepaper cutting machine


1. Using the cutting machine, the cutting surface is flat, and the lines can be controlled according to the standard; if it is by manual, it is not so smooth, the lines is not flat, and the line position is inaccurate.

2. Using hydraulic cutting machine, the number of decals is doubled compared with manual cutting, and the cutting speed is improved.

3. Machine operation requires less experience; while manual experience needs to be cultivated, which takes a long time.

4. The machine is a simple hydraulic cutting system, simple and easy to maintain.

Decal Paper Cutting Machine



SHC-30 Tons


Main Cylinder Nominal Pressure

30 Tons


Motor Specifications



Machine Size (L*W*H)



Machine Weight


melamine decal paper cutting machine

TIPS: which model you will run?

Melamine tableware factory A: 

More than 20 labour to work together, requires more space, more salary, higher percentage of labour-short.

Melamine tableware factory B:

Less than 10 labour to work with less decal paper cutting machine,  less trouble.

Shunhao is always glad to introduce new technology for melamine tableware production!

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