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  • What is the matter if the new press machines is not ascending?

  • 1. Check the running direction of the motor; 2. Make the motor running itself some minutes.

  • What are the Different Shapes of the Spoon Molds Available?

  • Our spoon molds come in two shapes: round and rectangular. 

    Please provide us with your samples for evaluationin order to determine the most suitable option for your production needs. Shunhao will then proceed with designing a mold that meets your requirements.

    shunhao rectangular spoon mould

  • What Tube brand for the preheater: Toshiba or Canon?

  • Toshiba and Canon tube are same. Toshiba was the previous brand name, and new brand is Canon. They are from same company from Japan.

  • What are the tube models of preheaters for melamine moulding compound?

  • 5KW model: 7T69RB

    7KW model: E3069RB

    10 KW standard model: 8T20RB, expensive but long life and strong quality

    10 KW cheap model: E3130, cheap but short time life (1.5 years)

  • Is there any different tube used for 10KW preheater for melamine molding compound?

  • Yes, there are 2 types of vacuum tubes running for 10 KW preheater.

    Standard model: 8T20RB, expensive but long life and strong quality;

    Cheap model: E3130, cheap but short time life (1.5 years)

  • What are the melamine preheating machine models?

  • 5KW preheater: 150T/200T/250T melamine crockery molding machine

    7KW preheater: 200T/250T/300T melamine crockery molding machine

    10KW preheater: 300T/500T/600T melamine molding machine

  • How to purchase a quality preheater?

  • The preheating machine is divided into:

    Flat electrode type, roller electrode type (drum type, turntable type)

    1. Material in powder form, granules or irregular cakes can choose: flat electrode type, such as Melamine Powder

    2.  Preformed cylindrical material can choose roller electrode type

    3. The powder and granular material can also choose the turntable electrode type

    (The molded plastics can achieve the preheating effect of the roller electrode without preforming).

  • How to run the melamine preheating machine?

  • 1. After installing the electronic tube, turn on the power for more than 10 minutes.

    2. Adjust the timer to test for accuracy of timing and check whether the cover is open or not as timer showing.

    3. Check the status of cover open and close, whether the equipment work smoothly (visual inspection).

    4. The new machine can be put into normal use after the above steps are normal.

  • If a small order of preheating machine, how is the shipping and packing?

  • Packing with wooden box, seaworthy packing during LCL shipping, or FCL shipping.

  • Why melamine powder needs preheating while UREA no?

  • 1. Preheating the melamine powder can reduce the molding time and improve work efficiency.

    2. After the melamine powder is preheated and comes to powder cake, to reduce the rate of shortage powder and also reduce the water waves of the melamine tableware.

    3. In theory, UREA can also be preheated. But the characteristics and plasticity of UREA material are higher than melamine powder, few factories use preheating machine for urea powder, but melamine powder requires the preheating machine.

  • Why the box used on the preheater must be specially made?

  • The preheating machine is in a high-frequency and high-pressure work to heat the raw materials, so you cannot use a thermally conductive metal box or a soft plastic box with low strength. The special made plastic preheating box can get a better powder cake after preheating.

  • How to adjust the preheater regulator above the cover? What will happen if it's adjusted improperly?

  • 1. Adjust the upper regulator according to the height of the powder box. The upper pole plate cannot press the powder box, the distance is about 3mm to 5mm, away from the top of the powder box.

    2. If adjusted too low or even press the powder box: it will cause the cover closing abnormally, and the water vapor during baking cannot be exhausted out.

    3. If adjusted too high, the baking time will be prolonged, affecting work efficiency.

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