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  • SHUNHAO Molding Machine PLC Parameters Setting---The distance adjustment of the rising and slowing down after mold closed
    Feb 16, 2023

    When you look at the PLC, you may think so many parameters need to be adjusted; the production of melamine tableware seems to be a complicated production process. However, after several months of operation, the important parameters can be summed up very easily. 1. Adjust the distance of rising and turning slowly before close the mold. 2. Adjust the molding time according to the size of the product. 3. Adjust the temperature. It’s adjusted according to different raw materials. 4. Adjustment of exhaust distance, exhaust wait, and exhaust time. 5. Adjustment of the decal time (almost the same, only fine-tuned). 6. Adjustment of the glazing powder time (almost the same, only fine-tuned). Today Shunhao Factory will introduce the first one: The distance adjustment of the rising and slowing down before the mold is closed. Firstly, look at the picture below, it can be adjusted on the stroke plate of the machine. There is a proximity sensor behind the stroke plate. The button for rising and slowing down can be adjusted up and down. a. When the button is close to the proximity sensor, and the light is on, indicating that the position starts to work from fast to slow. b. After the raw material is on, the operator presses the CURING button, and then the machine starts to rise rapidly to close the mold. The operator adjust this button to decide where to turn slow. Shunhao will continue to give some examples for you to know more clearly. Plate Making Raw materials run faster in plate mould then the button for rising and slowing speed can be adjusted downwards to close the mold as soon as possible. Deep Bowl Making Raw material needs more time to fill the entire cavity of the deep bowl mould, then the mold needs to be closed slowly, and the mold should be fully closed when the raw material has filled the entire cavity. If the mold has been completely closed before the raw materials have filled the mold, then there will be a problem: the oil pressure gauge shows that the pressure keeps dropping, although the mould is completely closed. Therefore, those buttons on the stroke plate on the right side of the machine are very useful. We can fine-tune the action to make the machine and mold perfectly matched, which is also an advantage of extending the service life of the machine. We hope this article is useful to you, please continue to support Shunhao Machine and Mould Factory!

  • What Situations will Encounter in Repairing Preheating Machine?How to Solve the Problems?
    Sep 29, 2021

    High-frequency preheating machine plays a vital role in the production of melamine tableware. The melamine powder preheating by HF preheater can enhance the fluidity of the powder, shorten the die-casting time of the melamine molding machine, improve the smoothness of the finished product, save the amount of melamine powder, and extend the life of the melamine compression mold. In order to ensure normal production, Shunhao Factory has sorted out the situations and solutions that may be encountered during the use of the HF preheater. There are 8 situations as follow. 1. The power light is off or flickering, and the control transformer is broken. Replace the control transformer. 2. The high pressure is turned on, the air switch is protected (tripped), and the electronic tube is broken. Replace the electronic tube. 3. The power light is off, the fan works normally, but the wind pressure switch fails to close, the anode heat sink of the electron tube is blocked by dust, and the wind blown by the fan fails to blow the wind pressure switch. Use the air gun to blow away the dust. 4. Turning on the high frequency will interfere with the temperature control. Adjust the position of the inductance, and the degree of tightness. 5. When the anode current is too large when working. Adjust the air capacitance distance of the oscillation chamber. The closer the current is, the larger the current, and the farther the smaller, which is basically maintained at about 21 mm. 6. When the machine sparks in the heating chamber, the upper cover will automatically open and the buzzer will alarm. First use an air gun to remove the metal impurities in the heating chamber, and clean the ignition area with alcohol. 7. The heating frequency is low. Adjust the pole rate, and adjust the hole position of the large inductance. 8. The anode current gradually increases, and the electron tube is damaged. Replace the electron tube. More about “The Troubleshooting for Preheating Machine”, please visit our website or click the title for details.

  • How to Choose the 718 Mould Steel?
    Sep 24, 2021

    Today Shunhao Mould Factory will share the selection criteria of 718 mould steel for tableware factories and now announce the precious information to the public. 1. When the hardness requirements of the selected 718 mold steel are made, the hardness range that produces temper brittleness should also be avoided. The first type of temper brittleness of carbon steel generally occurs at the lower limit of the above-mentioned temperature range, about 250°C, while that of alloy steel occurs at the upper limit temperature of about 350~300°C. 2. Considering from the perspective of preventing cracking, certain requirements should be put forward for the selection of materials. Alloy steel has better harden ability and allows quenching in a slower cooling medium. The thermal stress and structural stress are relatively small, so the cracking tendency is also small. Carbon steel has poor harden ability and is prone to overheating. The structural stress and thermal stress during quenching are large, so the cracking tendency is also large. 3. The pursuit of the highest hardness value for the selected steel grade requires the designer to reasonably formulate practical technical conditions based on the service performance and the selected steel grade. For the high cost or complex structure of the 718 steel mold, when the heat treatment is difficult to meet the technical requirements, the technical conditions should be temporarily changed, and those requirements that have little effect on the service life should be appropriately relaxed, so as to avoid multiple repairs and waste products. For those molds with complex forces and heavy loads during work, clear technical conditions should be put forward according to specific needs. 4. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection and management of raw materials to prevent 718 mold steel from cracking due to raw material defects. When select mold steel, Shunhao Melamine Molds Factory will comprehensively consider both technical and economic aspects, not only to meet technical requirements, but also to be economical and durable. 718 mold steel is the most popular type of steel used in melamine tableware factories. Shunhao Mould Factory not only guarantees the quality and service life of the melamine press moulds in terms of technology and material selection, but also takes into account the production needs of tableware factories, which has won much trust and affirmation from customers. For more information about the characteristics of 718 mold steel, melamine compress molds and other information, please consult online for free! Email: machine@hongancn.com Contact Hot line: +86 15905996312

  • The Troubleshooting for Preheating Machine
    Sep 16, 2021

    High frequency preheating machine is widely used in the molding industry, such as semiconductor discrete electronic components, integrated circuits, motor commutator, and melamine imitation porcelain tableware, plastic electric appliance, etc. Advantages: The heating by High Frequency Preheater can increase the strong liquidity, shorten the casting time, eliminate stress in materials, eliminating water lines and improve the finished products’ bright and clean degree, save material dosage, extend the die life. Today Shunhao Factory will share with you the common problems and troubleshooting you may meet in operation. The cover doesn’t open 1.The panel power light does not light up, and the fan does not work Inspection scope: fan and fan capacitor, isolation transformer, 3A fuse and power supply. 2. The panel power light is off and the fan is working Inspection scope: wind pressure switch, control transformer, and whether the power supply lacks phase. 3. The panel power light is on and there is no reminder to open the cover Inspection scope: WR main control relay, MSI AC contactor. 4. The panel power light is on and there is a reminder to open the cover. Inspection scope: motor and motor capacitor. The cover doesn’t close Inspection scope: 2TR time relay, shutdown button, ZR anti-extrusion relay and its wiring, OCR anti-overcurrent relay and its wiring, MR reset relay and its wiring, WR main control relay and its wiring, start button, 4TR time relay, The motor and its motor capacitance. Automatic cover opening after high frequency is turned on 1. Disconnect the wire from the silicon stack to the electron tube, if the test machine jumps out Inspection scope: silicon stack, high voltage transformer. 2. Disconnect the wire from the silicon stack to the electron tube, if the test machine does not jump out to open Inspection scope: in the oscillation chamber (500pF capacitor, 300pF capacitor, electronic tube, 4kΩ resistor). The alarm will automatically open the cover after the high frequency is turned on Inspection scope: ignition on the work surface, ignition in the oscillation chamber, OCR overcurrent protection circuit and the scope of items A and B mentioned in the previous article. Suggestions for Choosing Preheating Machine ▲150 tons-250 tons melamine molding machine: 5KW/7KW preheating machine ▲Machines above 300 tons level: 10KW preheating machine ★ Canon tube is the main part of the preheater machine, which is originally imported from Japan. Top quality of the melamine preheaters machines. Welcome to buy from Shunhao Company!

  • Maintenance of High Frequency Preheater
    Sep 08, 2021

    In order to make sure that the high-frequency preheating machine can play a stable role in production, to reduce unnecessary repairs and reduce maintenance costs, the following maintenance measures need to be implemented. Shunhao Machine and Mould Factory 1) In the process of convenient use, the air gun is often used to clean up the dust and debris in the working space. 2) Regularly (at least once a month) use an air gun to remove dust and impurities in the oscillation chamber, working room, and lower cabinet. 3) Regularly (at least once a month) wipe the electrode roller and edge plate in the working chamber with a volatile solvent (such as toluene). 4) Regularly (at least once a week) check whether the phosphor copper sheet around the upper cover is in good contact with the yellow corner copper. If there is blackening or oxidation, it should be polished in time. 5) Regularly (at least once a week) check whether the position of the connecting rod flywheel is deviated. Under normal conditions: when the upper cover is closed, the flywheel hole is directly above; when the upper cover is opened, the flywheel hole is directly below. If it deviates, please adjust the corresponding micro switch in the chassis in time. 6) Clean the air inlet filter of the whole machine regularly (at least once a week or a month depending on the site conditions). 7) After turning on the power every day, turn off the "High Pressure", and the machine will run a cycle work program without load before entering work. Preheater machine is good for the melamine moulding compound, can save the heating time in the molding machine, and also remove the water from the powder. The most popular model is 5KW for 150 tons / 200 tons melamine molding machine, and 10 kw preheater for 300 tons / 400 tons / 500 tons or higher press machine. Shunhao machines factory supplies the ensured quality with CE certification preheaters.

  • How to Prevent Mold Damage?
    Aug 11, 2021

    The structural design and process of the mold are the foundation of the mold, and the sophisticated process and reasonable mold structure ensure the life of the mold to a certain extent. Shunhao Machine and Mould Factory has several years of experience in melamine tableware compression molds making and has been served for lots of customers home and abroad. For the prevention of mold damage, the molding making is better to follow the following three aspects. 1. Good casting structure design The wall thickness of the castings should be as uniform as possible to avoid hot spots and reduce the thermal fatigue caused by the local heat concentration of the mold. The corners of the castings should have appropriate casting fillets to avoid stress caused by sharp corners on the mold. 2. Reasonable mold structure design Each component in the mold should have sufficient rigidity and strength to withstand pressure without deformation. The wall thickness of the mold must be sufficient to reduce deformation. The gating system is designed to minimize the impact and erosion on the core. Correctly select the tolerance and surface roughness of each component. Maintain the thermal balance of the mold. 3. Standardize the heat treatment process The metallographic structure of the material can be changed by heat treatment to ensure the necessary strength, hardness, dimensional stability at high temperature, thermal fatigue resistance and material cutting performance. The correct heat treatment process can get the best mold performance, and the performance of the steel is controlled by the quenching temperature and time, cooling rate and tempering temperature.

  • What Cause the Damage of Die-casting Molds?
    Aug 04, 2021

    Mould is very important and indispensable special basic process equipment in industrial production. Without high-level molds, there will be no high-level industrial products. The level of the mold industry has become an important indicator to measure the level of a country's manufacturing industry. Today Shunhao Factory (melamine molding machine and compress moulds manufacturer) will share with you about the reasons for mold damage. Hope it’s helpful for your factory production. 1. Mold temperature The mold should be preheated to a certain temperature before production, otherwise, chilling will occur when the high-temperature molten metal is filled, which will increase the temperature gradient of the inner and outer layers of the mold, form thermal stress, and cause cracks or even cracks on the mold surface. In the production process, the mold temperature continues to rise. When the mold temperature is overheated, it is easy to produce mold sticking, and the failure of moving parts causes damage to the mold surface. 2. Quality problems of rough forging Some molds have cracks after only a few hundred pieces are produced, and the cracks develop very quickly. It is possible that only the external dimensions are guaranteed during forging, and the loose defects such as dendrites, carbide inclusions, shrinkage cavities, and air bubbles in the steel are extended and elongated along the processing method to form a streamline. This streamline affects the final quenching deformation, cracking, embrittlement during use, and failure tendency have a great influence. 3. Filling The molten metal is filled with high pressure and high speed, which will inevitably produce fierce impact and erosion on the mold, thus generating mechanical and thermal stress. During the impact process, molten metal, impurities, and gas will also produce complex chemical interactions with the surface of the mold, and accelerate the generation of corrosion and cracks. When the molten metal is surrounded by gas, it will expand first in the low-pressure area in the cavity. When the gas pressure increases, inward blasting will occur, pulling out the metal particles on the surface of the cavity and causing damage and cracks due to cavitation. Shunhao melamine compression molds are professionally designed from material selection, process, to structure. There will be a 3 Days Machine Testing before departure (non-stop running and pressuring) to ensure that the mold can work normally in the tableware factory. In addition, if the machine fails to work, Shunhao's excellent engineers will provide you with online services and quickly solve the problem. Mobile: +86 15905996312, Email:machine@hongancn.com

  • What's the Post-processing for Melamine Decal Paper?
    Jul 15, 2021

    Melamine decal paper is widely used in the production of melamine products. The pattern and color matching of melamine decals make the melamine products more attractive and the design more creative. Decal paper plays an important role in the innovation of melamine products and the promotion of sales. Under normal circumstances, melamine tableware decals are produced by a special melamine decal printing factory. The melamine tableware factory will do some post-processing. Shunhao Machine and Mould Factory will introduce you the processing technology of decal paper. 1. Dry the Decal paper After the decal paper leaves the factory, bake the paper at 70°-100°C in an oven to volatilize it Generally, a stack of about 50 decal paper is clamped with clips and hung in the oven. The oven temperature is between 80-85 degrees About glazing, there is a detailed article for you to read: Decal Paper Drying and Technical Guide in Glazing 2. Brush the glaze water Make glazing water: 90℃ hot water and melamine glazing powder in a ratio of 1.3:1, stir for 3-4 minutes. Put the decal paper in a rectangular stainless steel flat box, brush the glaze evenly on the decal paper, and bake on the sieve of the oven after brushing. It is recommended to use Shunhao brand automatic melamine decal paper drying machine system, which is efficient and time-saving. 3. Cut and paste decal paper Cut the decals according to shape. If you are making a bowl decal circle, stick the decals on. It is recommended to use Shunhao brand melamine paper cutting machine to cut accurately and quickly, and decal paper bonding machine, efficient and labor saving without using glue. If you need a more detailed understanding, you can refer to the following article: What's Melamine Decal Paper and How to Use? Shunhao Factory not only sells melamine molding machines and melamine compression molds for the melamine tableware factories, but also provides experienced service and technical support. The one-stop service is really very worry-free. Contact us soon. Sales Manager: Mrs.Shelly Email: machine@hognancn.com Mobile: 0086 15905996312

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