Melamine Compression Moulds

Melamine Bathroom Product Mold Factory Supply

Melamine Bathroom Product Mold Factory Supply

  • Presice design and fashionable in melamine tableware!
  • New design and fashionable for bathroom using.

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    TT Payment, LC Payment
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    Origin of China
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    Any port of China
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    20 days
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Shunhao Melamine Molds Factory 

  • More than 18 years of experience in melamine industry
  • High precision CNC, EDM, Wire-cutting. Grinder, Milling
  • Professional and skillful design and R&D team
  • CE certificates achieved

China Melamine molds facotry

Melamine Wash Basin Die Manufacture

Molds from Shunhao has following advantages:

1. Qualified steel for molds, valuable for tableware factory

2. Well-designed mold structure, easy to use in tableware factory

3. Hard chrome plating, higher gloss of finished melamine

4. Strict testing and strict quality control on moulds before leaving the factory

5. Experienced design team,and obtains the naturally shaped surface texture from stone or wood 

6. The top brand CNC operates in the Shunhao factory

melamine split mold

Features of Melamine Products

It combines the advantages of ceramics and plastics, is an international popular material

· Safe and hygienic, non-toxic and tasteless,

· Hard, durable, not easily broken

· Smooth surface, easy to wash

· Good temperature resistance, excellent performance between -20 ℃ ~ + 120 ℃

· Light weight, specific gravity is 1.6, moderate sense of weight

· Shinning and stable colr, and it is not easy to peel off. 

Facotry show       

 R&D Office                                                                             CNC processing 

China melamine moulds

Steel materials testing                                                          Polishing processing

melamine basin mouds maker

Molds testing

Melamine compression molds

Shunhao company is only making machines and molds for melamine industry, but Shunhao is special and unique. Shunhao is always glad to be your qualified supplier in China!

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