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Hot Sales! Split Molds for Melamine Cup

Hot Sales! Split Molds for Melamine Cup

Split Melamine Cup Mold using for S Shape melamine tableware, melamine Ice cream cup, melamine bowls. Presice design and Hot sales in melamine tableware!
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Split molds, Professional Design Factory 

Shunhao Molds Factory 

Melamine molds facotry China

*Split molds in melamine tableware industry, using for S shapes melamine items, like Ice cream cup, melamine bowls. Also using for melamine mug, with 4 / 6 / 8 cavity. High production efficiency and various for different melamine crockery or any other press items.

melamine ice cream cup mould

Feature of split molds making from Shunhao factory:

1. Hard chrome plating, more glossy finished melamine items

2. Well-designed molds structure, easy running in tableware factory

3. Qualified steel materials using for molds, Value for each dollar of tableware factory

4. Well tested in Shunhao molding machine and strictly quality control before molds shipment

5. Experienced desingers team, to get the nature molds surface texture from stone or wooden

6. Top brand CNC running in Shunhao factory, to get the nature molds surface texture from stone or wooden

7. On time delivery and exporting sea worthy packing

If you have the new molds to make, welcome to send the inquiry to Shunhao company.

melamine split mold

Facotry show       

 R&D Office                                                                             CNC processing 

China melamine molds maker

Steel materials testing                                                          Polishing processing

Melamine molds supplier

Molds testing:

Melamine compression molds

How to make molds shipment:

Melamine tableware mouldsMelamine crockery moulds

Before shipment: 

1.Shunhao molds factory will check the hard chrome plating one by one, if the thickness of hard chrome is less, then this mold is unqualified, then send back to do chrome again.

2.If the chrome checking passed, then go for mold testing by Shunhao new molding machine, to check the size / shape / weight finally, and check if there is any point of molds need to repair. Melamine tableware factories will get the qualified molds and run in tableware factories without any fail. Melamine tableware factory will get the benefit a lot!

3.Shunhao company will send the final trial samples to each molds buyer, to check if they have any question for the molds. Shunhao helps to solve before molds shipment.

When shipment:

Shunhao factory will prepare the wooden boxes or wooden pallet to pack these molds well, anti-rust, water proof.

Melamine molds buyers can send the molds by sea or by air cargo.


After molds received:

Tableware factory need to clean the anti-rust oil from molds first, by using urea powder and pressing the molds serveral times, after the molds can get the clean melamine products.

Top quality melamine molds maker

What machines needs for split molds running?

Split molds structure: one punch part and one cavity part, which the cavity part is combined by 2 parts again, this cavity part can open during molds open. Its structure different from normal melamine molding machine.

So,the split molds requires the split molding machine, there are 200tons and 300tons available in Shunhao machines factory. 

If you also have demand of split molding machine, pls see the split molding machine details or call to Shunhao sales team.

Shunhao company is only making machines and molds for melamine industry, but Shunhao is special and unique. Shunhao is always glad to be your qualified supplier in China!

Shunhao split machine 200TShunhao Melamine split machine 300Tons

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