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What is the Hydraulic Oil Suitable for Melamine Tableware Molding Machine?

What is the Hydraulic Oil Suitable for Melamine Tableware Molding Machine?

May 15, 2020

Melamine tableware compression machine is a hydraulic power machine, which relies on hydraulic oil to provide power source to make the machine run in various actions. Whether the quality and capacity of hydraulic oil are sufficient will affect the state of each action of the machine or the service life of the machine. Last time, we talked about how to check the capacity of the oil tank. Today we will share with you the hydraulic oil suitable for melamine tableware making machine.

There are many types of hydraulic oil on the market, which one is suitable for melamine tableware molding machine?

Hydraulic oil is the hydraulic medium used by the hydraulic system that uses liquid pressure energy. It plays the role of energy transmission, anti-wear, system lubrication, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and cooling in the hydraulic system. For hydraulic oil, first of all, it should meet the requirements of the hydraulic device for the viscosity of the liquid at the operating temperature and the starting temperature. Since the viscosity change of the lubricating oil is directly related to the hydraulic action, transmission efficiency and transmission accuracy, the viscosity-temperature performance of the oil and the shear stability should meet the various needs raised by different uses.

When the melamine tableware molding machine is in operation, it will generates heat and the temperature will rise, so the hydraulic oil used needs to be resistant to high temperature. Moreover, the design of the molding machine is a hydraulic model that operates 24 hours a day. The hydraulic oil used needs to be resistant to wear and has a high lubrication coefficient. That is, when purchasing hydraulic oil for the melamine tableware making machine, it is necessary to explain to the supplier: the hydraulic oil provided needs high temperature resistance and good wear resistance, even if the cooling equipment is not installed, high temperature will not affect the melamine machine's mechanical properties and lubrication coefficient.

Anti-wear hydraulic oil (HM hydraulic oil) is developed from anti-rust and anti-oxidation hydraulic oil. It has a series of products such as alkaline high zinc, alkaline low zinc, neutral high zinc type and ashless type. They are divided into four grades of 22, 32, 46 and 68 according to 40°C kinematic viscosity. We can choose different models according to the climate of the area or according to different seasons:

Hydraulic oil for melamine crockery making machine

46# Mobil hydraulic oil 68# Mobil hydraulic oil

When the weather is hot and the temperature is high, 68 # wear-resistant and pressure-resistant hydraulic oil is recommended

When the weather is cold and the temperature is low, 46 # wear-resistant and pressure-resistant hydraulic oil is recommended

Hydraulic oil Quality Requirements

1. Appropriate viscosity and good viscosity-temperature performance to ensure that the hydraulic components are well lubricated, cooled and sealed under the conditions of changing working pressure and working temperature.

2. Good extreme pressure abrasion resistance to ensure that the friction pairs in the oil pump, hydraulic motor, control valve and cylinder are properly lubricated under high pressure, high speed and harsh conditions to reduce wear.

3. Good anti-foaming property and air release value to ensure that the foam generated under the condition of mechanical vigorous stirring during operation can quickly disappear; and the air mixed in the oil can be released in a short time to achieve Accurate, sensitive and smooth transmission of static pressure.

4. Good anti-emulsification and can be quickly separated from the water mixed in the oil, so as not to form emulsion, causing corrosion of the metal material of the hydraulic system and reducing the performance.

5. Good rust resistance to prevent corrosion of metal surface.


1. Keep the hydraulic system clean and remove the sludge and metal debris in the oil tank in time.

2. Change the oil according to the oil change reference index. When changing the oil, clean all parts of the equipment to prevent impurities and other substances from mixing into the oil and affecting the use effect.

3. During storage and use, the container and fueling tools must be cleaned to prevent the oil from being contaminated.

The order of the lubricating effect of hydraulic oil on the wear reduction of the three major pumps is vane pump> plunger pump> gear pump. Therefore, it is better to choose HM oil for the hydraulic system of the vane pump as the main oil pump regardless of its pressure. The more accuracy of the hydraulic system, the more cleanliness of the selected hydraulic oil. For example, the closed-loop hydraulic system with electro-hydraulic servo valve requires CNC machine tool hydraulic oil. These two oils can be used with advanced HM and HV hydraulic oils instead. The test shows that the order of the cleanliness requirements of the three types of pumps for hydraulic oil is that the plunger pump is higher than the gear pump and vane pump, and the order of the extreme pressure performance is that the gear pump is doing better than the plunger pump and vane pump.

Shunhao Machines & Moulds Factory also shares some suggestions:

1. Prevent air from entering the oil

The oil suction port of the oil pump should be sealed and reliable. The oil suction pipe in the oil tank should not be too close to the oil surface. The highest point of the system should be equipped with an exhaust valve to release free air in the oil.

2. Reasonable design of oil tank

The oil suction pipe should be far away from the oil return pipe, avoid the use of lead, zinc, copper and other materials that catalyze the oxidation of oil. The oil tank should be coated with oil-resistant anti-rust paint.

3. Regular oil testing

4. Choose hydraulic oil with recognized quality, such as MOBIL, SHELL and other international well-known brands

5. Ensure that the hydraulic oil does not work at high temperature (Shunhao Machine has a cooling device, which can be circulated through the cooling water to reduce the oil temperature)

melamine moulds and tableware machine

Thank you for your time to read! SHUNHAO MACHINE & MOULDS is willing to provide more professional knowledge for melamine machines users!

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