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What Causing the Abnormal Rotation of the Motor?

What Causing the Abnormal Rotation of the Motor?

April 27, 2020

A hydraulic motor is an element of a hydraulic machine that converts the hydraulic pressure of a hydraulic system into rotating power.

When the motor of the melamine tableware molding machine does not work properly, it will reverse or appear to be unable to rotate. How can troubleshoot and deal with the problem?

Case 1, Melamine Tableware Forming machine Not yet Running:

The reverse rotation occurs when the motor is started, which is caused by the lack of phase of the power supply. It is necessary to find where the phase loss of the internal and external lines of the machine is. For example, a certain line of the total power supply is poorly connected, resulting in a phase loss of the total power supply. The power supply of the melamine tableware forming machine will also have a phase loss problem, which causes the motor to not work properly.

Case 2, Melamine Tableware Molding Running:

The reason for the motor reversal is probably due to the lack of phase. The contact on the AC contactor needs to be checked for abnormal contact. If any of the three lines have abnormal contact or poor contact, it can cause the motor phase loss problem.

Specific troubleshooting methods:

A. First, remove the 3 lines connecting the motor above the contactor (in the figure below of picture)

B. Start the motor, the AC contactor will automatically suck in

C. Prepare a multimeter and adjust the meter to V-file

D. Measure whether the voltages of the three connecting lines are the same: 12, 23, 31. Under normal circumstances, the voltage display of the three lines is the same. If any of these lines show inconsistent voltages, it is a problem of phase loss.

melamine tableware molding trouble-shooting

As shown in the figure above, there are 3 rows of lines that need to be checked, and there is a corresponding troubleshooting sequence, which can help you troubleshoot and solve specific problems faster:

A. The Red area lacks phase, you need to check the main power supply and the external power supply of the machine

B. The Yellow area lacks phase, the contact area is damaged, and the contactor needs to be replaced

C. The Green area lacks phase, and the overload protector is missing. A new overload protector needs to be replaced

melamine compression machine

The correct inspection sequence should be: A-B-C

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