After-Sales Service

After-Sales Service

What Kind of Machine Service From Shunhao?

What Kind of Machine Service From Shunhao?

May 07, 2020

1. Before installation in the melamine tableware factory:

For all kinds of machines Shunhao company supplying, the Operational Manual in English is all available, including the circuit diagram/valves system and other details.

You will get the Operation Manual from Shunhao when the melamine machines shipment done.

And share this manual to your related engineers for learning in advance to understand our melamine machines better.

operation manual for melamine tableware machine

2. When machines reach your tableware factories, the Engineers Team from Shunhao will fly to your factory to help to install the melamine tableware molding machines and train the workers within 7 days, how to run and maintain the hydraulic machines.

Most important tip: you need to arrange some engineers to do with our team together, which can help your engineers to maintain your machines well during running time.

melamine molding machine manufacturer

3. After machines running, if any question or problems coming from machines, you can send the video to Shunhao Company, the after-sales team will help you to solve and learn how. Online Service is available from Shunhao.

Shunhao Factory has been making melamine molding machines for more than 20 years. The engineering leader with Taiwan technology designs the electric circuit system and oil valves system according to the special requirements of melamine tableware production, which will not make problems easily under proper operation.

Shunhao Machines & Moulds Factory

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4. Shunhao team will also help to solve your problem of other hydraulic molding machines for melamine tableware if the electric system or oil valves system is from China machines or China Taiwan machines.

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