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Urea Formaldehyde Lamp Holder Mould

Urea Formaldehyde Lamp Holder Mould

Presice design and qualified moulds making since 2002

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Urea Lamp Holder

  • Urea resin has low cost, light color, high hardness, scratch resistance, mildew resistance, good insulation, and temperature resistance.
  • Urea-formaldehyde is widely used in the production of power strips, switches, machine handles, instrument shells, knobs, daily necessities, decorations, toilet lids, etc.
  • The lamp holder made by UREA MOLDING COMPOUND is flame retardant, not easy to catch fire, and does not conduct electricity.

urea lamp holder mold

SHUNHAO Molds Factory always selects suitable mold steel for customers and customizes melamine press moulds according to the product requirements.

What does lamp holder making need?

  • Hydraulic Melamine molding machine with pin ejection system.
  • Melamine mold structure with pin ejection movement.

If you also need the machines and molds for this, please send your samples to our factory, and SHUNHAO factory will provide you with the solution!

Lamp Holder Compression Mould


Q: Are you a mold manufacturer?

A: Yes, we are an experienced and trustworthy machine and mold manufacturer in China.

Q: How do you ensure the quality of the mold?

A: We have strict mold testing in the factory, and we will take pictures or send samples to the customer for a confirmation.

Q: If we cooperate with your company, can we benefit from it?

A: You can not only buy molds from us but also get experience and technical advice in the melamine industry.

Q: We are a new factory and started to produce melamine tableware. We have many questions about the new plan.

A: You are a newcomer, but we have many years of experience in producing melamine tableware. We can not only provide you with goods but also provide you with technical support. You will get our company's one-stop service, save your time and other costs, and get a full set of services.

Q: We have some complicated melamine products. Can your factory produce them?

A: Yes, we produce ordinary and complex molds. For any type of melamine tableware, please feel free to call us!

Uf lamp holder Mold

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