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The 127th Canton Fair will be Held Online from June 15-24

The 127th Canton Fair will be Held Online from June 15-24

May 26, 2020

China Import and Export Fair is short for Canton Fair, formerly known as China Export Commodities Fair. It is a comprehensive international trade exhibition jointly organized by the Ministry of Commerce and the People ’s Government of Guangdong Province and undertaken by the China Foreign Trade Center. Mainland China is currently the largest and best-selling international trade show. It is held in Guangzhou International Conference and Exhibition Center (Canton Fair Pazhou Complex) every spring and autumn.

Spring Fair time Autumn Fair Time

First period: April 15-19                                         First period: October 15-19

Second period: April 23-27                                    Second period: October 23-27

Third period: May 1st-5th                                      Third period: October 31-November 4

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Exhibition Range

1. Electronics and home appliances

Consumer electronics and information products, electrical and electronic products, household appliances

2. Lighting

Lighting system applications, electric light sources, lamp accessories

3. Vehicles and accessories

Bicycles, auto parts, non-engineering vehicles, etc.

4. Mechanical

Power, electric equipment, general machinery, small processing machinery and industrial parts, engineering agricultural machinery, large machinery and equipment

Daily necessities manufacturing machinery: such as plastic machinery, chemical machinery, melamine tableware molding machine, melamine tableware grinding machine

5. Hardware tools

6. Building materials

Building and decorative materials, bathroom equipment

7. Chemical products

Inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals, agrochemicals, dyes, pigments, paints and intermediates, plastics, rubber and their products, such as melamine powder

8. Energy

Solar photovoltaic products, solar thermal products, wind energy products and accessories, other new energy products

Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the 127th "China Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair)" was postponed and could not be held on April 15 as scheduled. The 127th Canton Fair will be held online for 15 days from June 15-24. Holding Canton Fair on the Internet is an innovative measure to actively respond to the impact of the Novel Coronavirus epidemic, and strive to stabilize the basic foreign capital of foreign trade.

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