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Shanghai International Hospitality Supplies & Catering Industry Exhibition 2020

Shanghai International Hospitality Supplies & Catering Industry Exhibition 2020

June 01, 2020

Shanghai International Hotel &Catering Suppliers Fair

Date: Nov 18-20, 2020

Venue: Shanghai Ever bright Convention & Exhibition Center, China

Exhibition Overview

HCCE CHINA provides a one-stop sourcing solution for mid-to-high-end hotels, catering buyers, traders, and distributors, and an annual trade event for domestic and international hotel and catering industry, especially the eastern region of China.

The 2019 Shanghai International Hospitality Supplies & Catering Industry exhibition has attracted 800 exhibitors from 28 countries and regions, such as the United States, Russia, France, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, Iran, and many domestic provinces and cities to bring a rich product collective Debut. A total of 31,280 visitors were received, including 26,901 professional buyers and professional visitors. The total area of the exhibition exceeded 30,000 square meters.

In order to meet the growing demand for high-quality hotels, food, beverages, catering and other markets in China and Asia, the 2020 Shanghai International Hospitality Supplies & Catering Industry exhibition will have a wealth of resources for sellers and buyers and will include ten exciting events such as contests, forums, exhibitions, and trade matching. To bring high-value-added participation effects to exhibitors. Create a most direct and effective platform for domestic and foreign manufacturers, traders, distributors, retailers, experts and scholars, enthusiasts and consumers, and hotel and restaurant-related persons to conduct face-to-face distribution negotiations, business cooperation, and experience exchange with enterprises. The next exhibition is expected to be larger in scale and better in quality than before!

As an international leading hotel equipment and food ingredients expo, HCCE will continue to lead brand enterprises to enter the Chinese market and jointly build an important feast for the international hotel and catering industry!

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Scope of Exhibits

1. Catering Equipment and Supplies

Comprehensive cooking equipment | Refrigeration equipment | Dishwasher | Kitchen auxiliary equipment | Buffet equipment

2. Hotel linen and Textile Fabric

Hotel Clothing Series | Restaurant Linen | Bedding | Decorative Fabric | Bathroom Series

3. Catering Food and Beverage

Fresh raw materials and semi-finished products, instant products | aquatic seafood, frozen and frozen foods | fruits and vegetables, canned foods and condiments | baking and ice cream equipment high-end drinking water |

4. Guest Room Electrical Appliances and Supplies

Consumables | Paid supplies | Small appliances | Bamboo and rattan paint products | Acrylic products | Leather products

5. Hotel IT Smart Electronics

Hotel Monitoring | POS Machine | Telephone Audio | Door Lock | Hotel Software | Intelligent Control

6. Desktop Supplies

Ceramics | Glass | Stainless Steel | Gold and Silverware | Acrylic Plastics | Density |

7. Coffee and Tea

Coffee equipment, coffee utensils | Coffee raw beans, cooked beans coffee processing production equipment technology | Coffee roasting equipment and technical fine tea | Traditional tea | Tea utensils and crafts

8. Catering Chain

Chinese-style catering | Western-style catering | Fashionable drinks | Featured specialties | Snack food | Hotel chain

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