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Tehran International Household Appliances Exhibition

Tehran International Household Appliances Exhibition

June 03, 2020

Exhibition time: November, 16, 2020

Holding Period: Once a year

Exhibition Hall: Tehran International Exhibition Center, Tehran, Iran

Exhibition Introduction

Iran Household Appliances Exhibition has been successfully held for 19 sessions. The Iran Household Appliances Association and the Iran Trade Promotion Committee, through the Iran Household Appliances Association and the Committee, took the lead in inviting large local buyers, agents, distributors, and procurement leaders of major stores to visit the site to discuss procurement. Its exhibition goals: make full use of this exhibition to increase the income from exchanges between countries, improve the morale of manufacturers, and encourage them to participate actively in the competition in the international market, understand the international trade links, understand the needs of the world market, provide lower manufacturing costs and improve Product quality to enhance export competitiveness.

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Exhibition Range

1. Small household appliances: cold motors, water dispensers, electric heaters, dishwashers, gas stoves, heaters, water heaters, kitchenware, fireplaces, disinfection cabinets, gas bottles, barbecue grills, kettles, ventilators, vacuum cleaners, Small household appliances such as irons, juicers, hair dryers, meat grinders, electric fans, juicers, frying pans, electric teapots, sewing machines, electronic scales, game consoles, water filters, water coolers, microwave ovens, etc.;

2. Home appliances: refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, refrigerators, fireplaces, cooker hoods, electric fans, ventilating fans, electric ovens, space heaters, TVs and other home appliances;

3. Household items and kitchen items: glass products, baking trays, ceramic tableware, stainless steel tableware, all kinds of tableware and kitchen cleaning supplies, etc .; bathroom utensils, cleaning utensils, storage and storage, household hardware, plastics, ceramics, glass, metal products, bake ware, glassware, kitchen furniture, various tableware and accessories, etc .;

4. Home appliance parts and electronic information products: compressors, control valves, sensors, relays, sensors, converters, controllers, electro acoustic devices, opto-electronic devices, heating devices, radiator parts, precision components, smart home appliance solutions and other home appliances Parts, etc.

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