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2021 Australia Sydney International Machinery NMW Exhibition

2021 Australia Sydney International Machinery NMW Exhibition

May 25, 2020

NMW: National Manufacturing Week

Exhibition Date: May 11, 2021-May 14, 2021

Venue: Sydney, Australia

Exhibition Cycle: once a year

Exhibition Hall: Sydney Exhibition Center, Australia

Exhibition Introduction

Australia's largest high-level machinery industry exhibition

The Australian Machinery Manufacturing Week (The abbreviation is NMW) is the largest, highest and most extensive industrial technology exhibition and trading venue in Oceania. It is held once a year in two cities, Sydney and Melbourne.

Wide exhibition scope: The exhibition scope is relatively wide, basically covering various products in the machinery industry. Among them are machine tools, construction machinery, hardware tools, welding heat treatment, electronic power, and material handling. It is divided into twelve themes, including: Australia International Engineering Exhibition, Welding Heat Treatment Exhibition, Casting and Forging, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Technology, Material Handling, Computer Control, Security Products, Process and Control Exhibition, Machine Tool, Metal Processing, Power Equipment Electronic devices, etc.

Large exhibition scale: In 2017, there were exhibitors from China, India, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, South Africa, the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, with tens of thousands of visitors. The exhibition survey showed that industrial manufacturing and service exhibitions on industry, mining, energy and other resources were particularly valued by visitors.

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Exhibition Range

1. International Engineering Exhibition: CNC machining centers: horizontal and vertical machining centers, CNC lathes, automatic lathes, sheet metal: forming, bending, stamping, shearing equipment, grinding, drawing, boring, milling, water jet cutting machines , laser equipment, etc

2. Automation and Robot Exhibition: automation systems, barcode / recognition systems, computer integrated manufacturing systems, consulting services, fluid control, operators, image processing, motion control equipment, operation interfaces, optoelectronic systems, pneumatic control, etc

3. Instrumentation, control and automation exhibition: analyzers / analysis equipment, pneumatic actuators and hydraulics, pneumatic products, drives, programmable controllers, pipes, hoses and accessories, nuclear power plant monitoring systems, processes and control systems Wait

4. Big welding, heat treatment exhibition: cutting and preparation, gas equipment, heat treatment, industrial gas, laser welding and cutting, materials including steel, stainless steel and aluminum, manufacturing and manufacturing technology, metal forming, welding equipment, welding research and development , Castings, forgings, etc

5. Electric power exhibition: generators and generator sets, cables and bus bars, communication engineering, computer technology and communication technology, data communication, power-related accessories and auxiliary products, electronic parts and accessories, high-tech products and new technologies, intelligent building technology, Graphite electrodes, industrial equipment and accessories, installation and control equipment, lighting and lamps, storage equipment, test and measurement equipment, etc

6. Electronics Industry Exhibition: components, connectors, displays, embedded systems, integrated circuits, leading / liquid crystal displays, microelectronics, printed circuit board technology, surface mount technology, test and measurement technology, home appliance equipment, special machines, tooling Mould etc

7. Plastic processing machinery and metal composite casting: raw materials, resin products, rubber machinery and equipment, (Melamine Tableware Compression equipments) rubber and plastic processing quality testing instruments and equipment, chemical raw materials for rubber and plastic processing, additives and auxiliary materials, molds and accessories for rubber and plastic processing, etc

At present, the 2020 exhibitions in various countries have been postponed or cancelled because of the occurrence of COVID-19. The negative market brought by the COVID-19 has affected the confidence of many tableware factory owners. However, we all believe that the epidemic will not last forever. The world is only temporarily pressed the pause button instead of the stop button. The market will still slowly open up and become active, and the exhibition will slowly start as scheduled.

In the future, the global tableware industry will pay more attention to product design, materials, and quality to develop healthier, environmentally friendly, meticulous and unique design of tableware products. The melamine tableware industry will still play an important role in the hotel and catering market. The melamine crockery making machines, melamine tableware molds and toilet seat and cover molds manufactured by Shunhao Factory have been adhering to the manufacturing philosophy of quality first. The unique design and rich experience of engineers will always help the progressive tableware factory in the melamine tableware industry and develop together!

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