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Hanoi International Machinery Manufacturing Exhibition

Hanoi International Machinery Manufacturing Exhibition

March 24, 2020

Exhibition Time: August 2020

Held Cycle: once a year

First Time Held: 2009

Venue: Hanoi International Exhibition Center, Vietnam

Exhibition Introduction

This is Vietnam's leading machinery manufacturing exhibition. As customer expectations continue to rise and demand diversifies, manufacturers continue to increase the value of their products. Higher productivity, skills and know-how, and a broader business network are key factors for sustainable development. "Vietnam International Machinery Manufacturing Fair 2018" is where these key factors come together. More than 200 brands from more than 20 countries will gather with their potential customers and partners. This exhibition also has supporting training plans and promotional activities, which will become a springboard for manufacturers to move towards Industry 4.0.

High degree of internationalization: The last exhibition attracted 8,974 industry visitors; more than 200 brands from more than 20 countries participated in the exhibition, and won the praise of many domestic and foreign exhibitors.

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Exhibition Criteria

1. Model and impression: drilling machine, grinding machine, gear cutting machine, grid machine, lathe machine, metal cutting machine, machining center, turning center, drilling center, tapping machine, precision measurement, optical measurement, test Machines and instruments

2. Mold materials and components: brushes, molds and mold parts, molds and mold steel, die pressing, stamping and stamping molds, die casting molds, mold foundations, pillars, plastic molds, die casting molds, mold design, mold welding machines, melamine tableware molds,compression molds, etc.

3. Plastics: CNC machinery, plastic processing, plastic injection molding machinery, blow molding machinery, pet blowing machinery, plastic film machinery, injection molding machinery, runners and central granulators, plastic recycling machines,melamine tableware molding machine,UF toilet seat and covers making machine, thermoforming plastic recycling technology, plastic recycling Extruder, plastic crushing machinery, washing and drying line, agglomeration machinery, pellet cutting machinery, etc.

4. Metal plates: shears, cutting machines, water jet cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, gas cutting machines, laser cutting machines, punching machines, bending machines, original sheet metal manufacturing and production, metal plate accessories, etc.

5. Automation and assembly technology: assembly and processing systems, bar code systems, safety, non-testing systems compressors, air dryers, conductors, pollution filters and filters, heat exchangers, hoses, hydraulic systems, transmissions, pneumatics Systems, pumps and valves, sensors, vacuum technology, etc.

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