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Decal Paper Drying and Technical Guide in Glazing

Decal Paper Drying and Technical Guide in Glazing

July 13, 2020

The beautiful appearance of melamine tableware benefits from the application of decal paper.

First, the decal paper will be dipped in glazing powder water and dried.

After the first press, decal paper and glazing powder will be put on for the second press.

Finally patterned melamine tableware finished.

melamine decal paper for crockery

The decal paper used in melamine tableware must be dried twice:

1st drying: dry the ink on the paper after printing the pattern

2nd drying: dry the decal paper in the drying oven after brushed with glazing powder water. (It can be dried naturally, you can use the old oven, or you can use the automatic decal paper drying line.

decal paper drying machine line

1. If the factory has enough space and the temperature is high enough, we can do natural drying. The decal paper brushed with melamine glazing powder water will be clipped and then hang on the rope. However, natural drying takes up a lot of space, and has to prevent dust from getting on the wet decal paper, which takes a long time;

2. If the demand for decal paper in the factory is not large and the space is not large enough, we can use an old oven with two doors. It is convenient for workers to control the temperature of drying paper.

3. If the demand for decal paper is large, we can use the automatic drying line. It saves labor and time with high efficiency.

foil paper drying machine line

In addition to the quality of paper and drying quality, the decal paper used in melamine tableware also has operational requirements for use on the molding machine.

automatic foil paper drying machine line

Technical guide tips:

1. To make good quality decals, it must be put in as soon as possible before bubbles appear on the surface of the product. If the mold is opened too early, the product is easy to stick to the upper mold; If the mold is opened too late, the decal and product has poor adhesion and is prone to defects.

2. The reason for the decal cracks on the product is that the mold closing speed is too fast or the surface of the tableware already had cracks.

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