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9 Reasons of Defective Melamine Products

9 Reasons of Defective Melamine Products

July 07, 2020

The production of qualified melamine tableware requires not only high-quality raw material, qualified melamine crockery making machines, but also some technical support for production operation. More easily for the experienced production manager to get the high-quality melamine tableware.

Shunhao factory provides professional guidance for tableware manufacturers by analyzing the causes of defective melamine products.

melamine crockery making machine

Air Bubbles: short curing time, insufficient exhaust, overheated mold, uneven heating, insufficient pressure, high raw material preheat temperature(machine needed: melamine preheater);

Surface Cracks: insufficient pressure, poor fluidity of raw material, too slow mold closing, raw material dispersion, insufficient raw material;

Holes Inside: insufficient exhaust, too fast mold closing, short curing time;

Small Wrinkles: too fast mold closing under high pressure, high humidity of raw material;

Stick to Mold: insufficient curing, low mold temperature, and unsmooth mold surface;

Soft: curing time is too short and high humidity of raw material;

Stain: high volatile content in raw material, too fast mold closing, insufficient exhaust, too high mold temperature;

Splits: curing time is too long, high mold temperature;

Discoloration: uneven heating, high molding temperature, poor raw material quality, short curing time.

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