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Why the Oil Supply Pressure of the Hydraulic Press is Too Low? How to Solve It?

Why the Oil Supply Pressure of the Hydraulic Press is Too Low? How to Solve It?

July 02, 2020

The oil hydraulic press machine is using special hydraulic oil as a working medium and a hydraulic pump as a power source. It depends on the force of the oil pump to make hydraulic oil enter the cylinder and piston through the hydraulic line.

There are several sets of mutually matched seals in the oil cylinder and the piston.

The seals in various positions are different, but they all act as sealing, to prevent oil leak. Finally, the hydraulic oil is circulated in the oil tank through the Check-valve, to make cylinder and the piston work properly, so as to complete certain mechanical actions as a kind of machinery for productivity.

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What is the reason why the oil supply pressure of the hydraulic press is too low?

When the engine throttle is fully open, the inlet oil pressure of the torque converter is lower than standard, which is caused by following reasons:

• Low oil supply;

• Oil pipe leak or block;

• Excess oil flow to transmission;

• Oil inlet or oil filter block;

• Hydraulic pump damage;

• Oil suction network improper installation;

• Oil bubbling;

•Oil-in &Oil-out valves cannot be closed / spring rigidity is reduced.

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►Now How to solve the above-mentioned questions:

• If the oil supply pressure of the hydraulic press is too low, check the oil level first;

• If the oil level is lower than the minimum scale, replenish the oil;

• If the oil level is normal, check the inlet and outlet pipes for leaks. Fix the oil leakage problem;

• If the inlet and outlet pipes are well sealed, check the oil-in valve and oil-out valve;

• If the oil-in valve and oil-out valve cannot be closed, remove them and check whether cracks or scars on the joint parts, whether the oil hole is blocked, whether the spring stiff enough, and solve the problem in time

•If the pressure valve is normal, remove the oil pipe or filter to check;

•If it is clogged, should clean and remove the sediment;

•if the oil pipe is unblocked, the hydraulic pump should be checked, and replace the hydraulic pump if necessary;

•If the hydraulic oil bubbles, check the installation of the Oil-Return pipe;

•If the oil level of the oil-return pipe is lower than the oil tank, should recheck and install the oil-return pipe.

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How to Solve the Lack of Pressure when the Hydraulic Press Works?

1. Check the pressure of the relief valve.

•If the pressure is not enough, adjust the pressure.

•If it does not work after adjustment, replace it with a new relief valve.

•If the problem continues, replace the plunger pump.

2. The pressure is normal; check the electromagnetic directional valve or the pressure relief valve.

3. Consider whether the filling valve is leaking.

4. Consider whether the cylinder has leakage.

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