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What Steel is Used for Melamine Moulds?

What Steel is Used for Melamine Moulds?

July 21, 2020

Making molds from China, there are advantages till now:

1. Technology of manufacturing molds is acceptable, and even quite accurate or precise. To know there are many big tableware factories running in China and supplying to European countries or American countries. Do they make molds from Germany or other countries? No, in China only.

2. You know well, the molds from German or Japan or China Taiwan are very good quality, but also the cost is high, can not cover the competition at all. Molds making from China, still can make the profit for tableware factories and also improve their competition, due to its less cost than others.

Melamine Plate Mold China

Now share the idea of how to choose the molds steel materials for melamine tableware or urea tableware:

718# steel / P20# steel / P45# steel and NAK80# steel (imported steel)

  • To make the Urea tableware: urea tableware is cheap price, the factories need to save the cost from the powder / the molds, even the machines also run the manual model (In China, urea tableware factories only run the automatic molding machines). So, P20# (made-in-China) is popular using in urea tableware production. But the disadvantage is that: such molds making from P20# can not be very glossy. And steel quality is not 100% perfect, sometimes small holes coming from the steel factories, which maybe come out after some days or some months only for such steel problem. Shunhao molds factory workers change such molds steel and make new for clients when such holes coming out in molds factory.

Melamine Split On Both Sides Mold

To check from the cost, urea tableware molds can choose P20# steel.

  • To make the Melamine tableware: Melamine powder is harder than Urea molding compound, which requires the hard steel for molds. 718# steel is the most popular running in the melamine tableware factories.

Cost of 718# steel China is lower than Germany P20# (made-in-Germany, P20# Germany need to pay for its high duty), but its hardness can bear the compression of the melamine molding compound. Tableware making from 718# steel molds is glossy and bright.

Even 718# steel is a higher cost than P20# steel (China), but good for melamine tableware and improves its quality competition.

  • P45# steel is using differently:

A.Molds' 2 plates

B.the testing items for tableware factory

C.the ordered goods in a short time or one-time order only

China Melamine Crockery Mold Manufacturer

Shunhao molds factory has been served for more than 100 tableware factories till now, in and out of China, and still continues on the way to work with them. Shunhao molds factory designs new items to them, find the problem for them, or improve the production for them.

Welcome anyone from melamine tableware factories to discuss with me (+86 15905996312), thank you!

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