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Why New CNC Machines Come to Shunhao Factory in 2020?

Why New CNC Machines Come to Shunhao Factory in 2020?

April 16, 2020

In 2020, a sudden outbreak of COVID-19 broke the plans for 2020 of most companies. Due to the big impact of the epidemic, some companies or factories have announced their dissolution, or their suspension of operations to wait for the market to pick up.

SHUNHAO also faced serious problems: orders in the domestic market were quickly suspended, and the number of foreign orders was reduced. But Shunhao Factory Leaders Team behaved calmly to handle the dilemma.

  • Melamine tableware molds are more and more popular in new designs, no longer simple mold structure or mold design.
  • In all industries, COPY DESIGNS is no longer a separate industry issue. In order to achieve good development momentum, it is imperative to constantly innovate design and create new styles. 
  • Therefore, some complicated-look designs still can be solved. In order to assist the customers of the tableware factory to solve the problem of improving mold style, the leadership of SHUNHAO Company decided to invest in the introduction of 2 advanced CNC machine tools. 
  • This is really helpful for our manufacturing center to make molds, and we hope Shunhao will be continuing to provide customers with better melamine crockery molds.

Shunhao CNC machines

On February 10, 2020, two top brand domestic CNC machine tools were installed in Shunhao Machines & Moulds Factory.

The improvement of product design requirements and the development of high-speed and high-precision processing technology bring a lot of benefits as follows.

1. Improve the quality of mold CNC machining

2. Improve the mold processing speed

3. Reduce the processing procedures

4. Shorten the mold production cycle and clamping times

5. Eliminates time-consuming fitter repair work.

CNC Machines for Melamine Moulds Making

This top brand CNC MACHINE is widely used in high-precision molds, such as the injection mold industry. SHUNHAO's CNC machine tools become the first in the melamine mold industry, and we hope to make better molds to more tableware factories. Welcome home and abroad tableware factories to visit SHUNHAO MOLDS FACTORY!

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