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How to Maintain Melamine Molding Machine Properly?

How to Maintain Melamine Molding Machine Properly?

March 20, 2020

How to Maintain Melamine Molding Machine Properly?

---Tips from Shunhao factory

Regular maintenance of equipment is an important factor in controlling costs. Outstanding maintenance helps minimize maintenance and upkeep costs and makes progress in maximizing profits and productivity.

Other benefits you will gain from maintaining equipment include:

* Maintenance extends equipment life

* Maintenance minimizes downtime

* Maintenance helps control service intervals and costs

In short, proper maintenance of equipment not only ensures that the equipment will always be up and running, but also reduces your operating costs indirectly.

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Therefore, proper maintenance helps ensure the longevity of tableware machine. Here are a few tips to help you keep your machines in good condition.

1). Inspection before operation:

A. Check the hydraulic oil capacity: checking the fuel gauge, to determine whether the oil tank save more than 80% or 70% or less than 70%;

B. Check the Emergency Stop switch: check whether the machine is able to stop running when press the emergency stop switch.

C. Check the apparatus of Slow-speed mold open: check whether the gap between the upper and lower mold adhesion, whether the force of each pillar of the state average.

D. Check all the movable parts: Any movable parts need to be properly lubricated and clean. The main axis has extra lubricating bearings, no required extra lubricated agents.

E. Check the cooling water system: To check all the cooling water pipes are not leaking and make sure the enough water to keep the normal running.

F. Surveillance of Abnormal sound: such as hydraulic pump, solenoid valves, relay, etc. Abnormal sound, to prevent any damage to the machine.

G. Check the accuracy of the micro-switches: in order to determine precise entire automation cycle operation.

2) Every day checking and maintenance:

A. Daily operations should be dry cloth to gently wipe the surface of the machine ministries and electrical control box glass.

B. Remove trivial and dust from the heating plate.

C. Abnormal sound happen during operation should immediately check and solve.

D. Clean all around the machine.

E. Switch off power and release the press of oil gauge as ZERO.

3). Every week checking and maintenance:

A. Check the electric heaters: to check heater ampere pointer whether flexible and normal; check whether broken line or loose wiring, etc.

B. Check the oil-leak: to check all the connectors of the hydraulic circuit or pipes whether there is oil leak stain; even if little oil-leak, it should also be noted.

C. Check the tightness of screw and nuts: To ensure accuracy of mechanical assembly, preventing from displacement loosening.

D. Check the height of the oil gauge of oil tank.

4). Monthly checking and maintenance:

A. Clean the grease filter, replace damaged

B. Check the basement of the machine is loose or displaced

C. Check the levelness machinery

D. Check the switch common abnormality of arcing

5).Yearly maintenance:

A. Clean the oil tank

B. Re-fill the new oil

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