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What is Melamine Decal Paper and How to Use?

What is Melamine Decal Paper and How to Use?

June 15, 2020

Decal paper is used for melamine crockery. Melamine paper is put with design and glazing powder to make crockery shinning, more attractive and more creative in design.

Melamine decal paper can be cut into any shapes, according to the special design concept. Melamine Decal Paper plays an important role in the creation of new sales for melamine tableware.

So, how to use the Melamine Decal Paper on the melamine plate, melamine bowls?

• There are different thicknesses of decal paper: 40GSM /42GSM/60GSM and normally, 40GSM is the most popular thickness.

If you need to put the decal paper for high classic & high-quality melamine tableware, then Taiwan paper will be a nice choice.

If not such white powder, like cream powder, then Chinese paper is the hot sales, because of its accepted quality at a reasonable cost.

decal paper for melamine crockery

(For the paper quality, we may discuss by another detailed article.)

• After choosing the paper, then need to cut the size to match the size of your printing machine. If you do not have the printing equipment, then the paper design factory will cut the paper size accordingly for your need.

paper for melamine tableware

• The paper will be printed with your selected flowers and then go for drying. After the ink is dry, then this Melamine Decal Paper will be packed for delivery to your factory.

automatic melamine crockery press machine

• When the melamine decal paper is ready, you cannot use them directly. These decal paper needs to be covered with the shinning powder on, which is called glazing powder for foil paper. This glazing powder needs to be mixed with high temperature boiled hot water; the ratio to mix the powder with water should be properly.

white melamine glazing powder

• Then this Melamine Decal Paper with wet glazing powder should go for drying again. Some factories dry them naturally, under clean space, no dust. But it will occupy more space to hang these papers together. So, big factories would like to run the electric decal paper drying machine, which can dry the paper fast and improve its quality as well.

automatic decal paper drying machine line

• When the Melamine Decal Paper is dry, this paper needs to be cut again according to its flower shape.

Recently there are also 2 ways to cut the paper.

1. One is by cutting by hand. Manual cutting will take more time. Only experienced workers can work fast.

2. The other way is by cutting machine. Of course, the machine could work fast, and it spends less cost.

melamine decal paper cutting machine

• After cutting, the Decal Melamine Paper with flowers needs to be joined together, for the bowls, or glass, which these papers are not fully circled.

Nowadays, there are also 2 ways to join the paper.

1. One is joined the paper by hand, and need to use glue.

2. One is joined with the decal paper bonding machine, without glue.

decal paper joint machine with no glue

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