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The Future of the Melamine Market

The Future of the Melamine Market

September 23, 2020

As we know, melamine tableware can be divided into commercial and residential tableware according to the applications.

Commercial tableware also includes tableware for hotels, chain restaurants, company canteens, and school canteens.

1. Tableware for hotel

In the past, most hotel tableware used high-end porcelain products. However, melamine tableware is recognized by more and more people because it not only has the advantages of ceramics but also has good heat resistance, drop resistance, and easy cleaning.

2. Tableware for fast food chains, corporate restaurants, school canteens

The melamine tableware used in restaurants and canteens of corporate and schools is generally in a combined form, which is convenient and practical, easy to clean, and avoids damage caused by collisions.

melamine crockery moulds

A new type of melamine tableware with a smart chip is very popular for restaurants.

  • The quick identification of the dinning fee effectively solves the problems of long queues, long waiting times, and manual calculation errors.
  • Therefore, it is widely used in school canteens, company canteens, fast food chain stores, and other places. RFID radio frequency chip is implanted at the bottom of every smart dinner plate.
  • Despite this, it has all the advantages of melamine tableware with the advantage of easy cleaning and disinfection, etc.

Click here for more information about melamine tableware with a smart chip.

melamine tableware moulds

Residential melamine tableware includes household tableware and children tableware.

1. Common tableware for household use

Household melamine tableware, such as bowls, chopsticks, spoons, plates, etc which are very practical and durable.

2. Children's tableware

  • Children's melamine tableware has rich colors, unique appearance, durable, practical &convenient.
  • The designs are more user-friendly, and some are fancy cartoon pattern.
  • They are scratch-resistant, drop-resistant, safe and hygienic, and easy to carry.

After introducing the application types of melamine tableware, Shunhao will share with you the market share of melamine tableware according to the commercial and residential applications.

Table. Global Melamine Tableware Market Size Growth Rate by Application (2020-2026) & (thousand MT)

Global Melamine Tableware Market Size Growth Rate

The figure above shows the market share of melamine tableware by application in 2020 and 2026.

In the melamine tableware market, commercial applications occupy an important share, which is expected to reach 318.6 (thousand tons) by 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 10.59% by 2020 and 2026.

Figure. Global Melamine Tableware Sales Market Share by Application in 2020 & 2026

melamine tableware market size by application

Commercial markets include hotels, restaurants, etc. But COVID-19 has caused massive shutdowns worldwide. Many restaurants cannot be opened or even closed which causing the commercial market to shrink sharply.

However, there are more people stay at home or bring their own meals due to COVID-19, the residential melamine tableware market has grown significantly.

SHUNHAO would like to have a soft reminder to all the melamine tableware factories: it is a good time to prepare the plan for the coming growing demand market. If you have the needs for new melamine molds, new melamine pressing machines, welcome to contact Shunhao melamine for more details!

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