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7 Tips to Use Melamine Ware Compression Machine Safely

7 Tips to Use Melamine Ware Compression Machine Safely

June 08, 2020

For tableware manufacturers, a melamine tableware molding machineis indispensable. As melamine tableware is becoming more and more popular with various designs that can be selected. Many tableware manufacturers will choose to bring in automatic melamine tableware equipment.

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However, how to run and maintain the melamine molding machines properly and safely? Still many tableware factories have such questions after their running machines a long time. The following 7 tips could be helpful for you.

1. During the operation of the machine except when necessary, should try not to develop a hand as an aid operation.

2. Memorize the position of the emergency stop switch.

3. The worker should wear short-sleeved or sleeveless tight clothes, especially avoid wide sleeves dragon costumes.

4. If necessary checking, should first power-off the machine and then check.

5. Troubleshooting should be an expert or technician whom.

6. Keep the surrounding environment clean, traces of oil, in particular, should prevent any inadvertent from ground.

7. In case when a lot of oil spill stains the ground, first wiped with a lot of grease, then the ground can be covered with slippery layer of sawdust or salt, lime to prevent slippery.

If you still have some questions on the safety using for Melamine Dinnerware Compression Machine or you need some help for operation, please feel easy to contact us.

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