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What Preparation to Install Melamine Crockery Molding Machine?

What Preparation to Install Melamine Crockery Molding Machine?

May 21, 2020

Ⅰ. Machine Transportation

For its heavy machine, the transportation for melamine crockery compression machine must be safe. To use suitable long wood as the base standard of the machine, and then stacking machine to transport; or holding the lifting hole of the top machine by a steel cable, locking the nuts, and moving by cable hoisting pulley till the right place and look to its balance at the same time.

Melamine Compression Molding Machine

Ⅱ. Machine Installation

  • Foundation:

The foundation must be strong enough to stand the machine. After that, test the machine’s balance by lever meter, in order to maintain functions of machine and precision electrical instruments.

  • Installation of water pipe of chiller:

During long time hydraulic pressing, the oil temperature rising will affect its consistency; even affect the normal operation of machine. Therefore, use the chiller to keep the oil temperature constant. This device use 3/4” pipe thread to connect the inlet/outlet water pipe. Better to use the normal temperature of tap water, but not hard water to avoid any precipitation to block the water flow.

  • Power source & circuit pressure:

Open the connecting box back of the operation panel, then connecting 3 joints of R.S.T to the power wire. The highest rated pressure of hydraulic press to be set is 210kg/cm2.

  • Environmental requirement:

Melamine Ware Compress Machine is for processing, and due to its usage and production output, it should need these below conditions for matching work:

1. Keep away from the place where it is wet or over-hot.

2. Keep the workshop in good ventilation.

3. Beware of electric leakage, water stain; fire precaution measure required

4. Keep proper space for the machine to make sure the good operation during mass production.

5. Keep the place for semi-products, if need.

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