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What kind of Materials are Used for Toilet Seat Cover?

What kind of Materials are Used for Toilet Seat Cover?

May 20, 2020

In fact, some customers concern more on specific qualities of product rather than the brand. For example, the quality of toilet lid mostly depends on its material. At present, there are five kinds of materials for toilet seats in the domestic market: urea-formaldehyde, PVC, plastic and wood, and acrylic. Let’s know more about them.

UF toilet seat lid molding machine

Urea-formaldehyde toilet seat and cover

In production, the UF toilet cover is made by grinding the raw materials into powder and then molding under high pressure and high temperature. The UF toilet seat cover is excellent in abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. Because it is made of powder, the shape of the toilet is as arbitrary as you like. What’s more, it not only has a porcelain texture but also easy to clean. Urea-formaldehyde toilet cover products are mostly high-end products with a reasonable acceptable price.

Toilet Seat Cover Molding Machine

PVC toilet seat and cover

PVC quite common in our daily lives, and it is relatively cheap. It’s also a kind of plastic material. Thus PVC toilet seat is also the mostcommon in life for its hardness, durability, and cheapness.

Toilet Seat Cover Machine

Wooden toilet seat and cover

Wooden toilet lids are not so common, because wooden products are prone to rot. So the wooden toilet lids are indeed inconvenient to maintain and use. Therefore, wooden toilets have to undergo special processing, and they are quite expensive.

Mdf Toilet Seat Cover Moulding Machine

Acrylic toilet seat and cover

Acrylic is a kind of material specially processed plexiglass. Acrylic has high hardness. Plexiglas is a high-end material with a fashionable appearance and color, which is mostly used in high-end places.

This is the introduction of toilet seat cover today. For customers, if they do not know how to check out the quality when purchasing a toilet, they can also judge by the material of the toilet lid. In addition to considering the price, it is also necessary for customers to consider the cleaning and maintenance of toilets made of different materials and make a reasonable choice.

For toilet seat lid manufacturers, owning the advanced machines and equipments is a foundation for production. Welcome all UF Toilet Seat Lid Manufacturers to contact us for more details about UF toilet seat cover making machine and UF toilet seat lid moulds. Shunhao will provide professional guidance and technical support.

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