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The History of Melamine and Shunhao Factory

The History of Melamine and Shunhao Factory

October 16, 2020

The History of Melamine

The inventor of melamine is Justus von Liebig (was born in 1803, Germany ).

He founded organic chemistry more than a hundred years ago, and melamine is one of his achievements.

The reason why he invented the organic compound melamine was actually first used to save people and was first used in fertilizers, so he also has a title called "Father of Fertilizer Industry".

the inventor of melamine

All these achievements actually began with a change in 1816. That year, Mount Tambora erupted with unprecedented intensity. A large amount of volcanic ash caused a sharp drop in global temperature. There was no summer throughout the year and most of the food crops in the northern hemisphere were completely destroyed. The whole of Europe was enveloped by severe famine, which was called "the last and greatest survival crisis in the Western world."

melamine powder history

Germany is one of the countries with the worst famine. Liebig was 13 years old that year. It was this experience that planted a seed in his young heart and made him aspire to make changes in agriculture and bring more people to it.

C3H6N6 melamine

Until 1834, he accidentally synthesized a substance-melamine. Li Bixi just started to invent melamine, just want to use it as a fertilizer. After all, the nitrogen content of melamine is higher than that of urea, so it should be more suitable for nitrogen fertilizer, but it was not realized due to its too expensive and low absorption rate. After that, people kept trying to develop and use melamine.

  • The main use of melamine is as a raw material for the production of melamine formaldehyde resin (MF). Melamine can also be used as flame retardant, water reducer, formaldehyde cleaner, etc.
  • This resin has higher hardness than urea-formaldehyde resin, non-flammable, water resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance, arc resistance, chemical resistance, good insulation properties, gloss and mechanical strength, and is widely used in wood, plastics, coatings, papermaking, and textiles , Leather, electrical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Melamine formaldehyde resin, commonly known as melamine resin, melamine was first obtained a synthetic patent in 1938 and began industrial production.

  • It was produced in Japan in 1951. The melamine plastic itself is colorless and transparent, non-toxic and tasteless, and has surface hardness, scratch-resistant, high surface gloss, bright color, can be used in an environment of 150 degrees, good toughness, not easy to break, so Japanese companies began to use tableware in 1960.
  • By 1967, it rapidly expanded to an annual output of 80,000 tons.

Shunhao Melamine Machines and Moulds

The History of Shunhao Factory

Quanzhou ShunHao Melamine Moulds Co.,Ltd

  • Started in 2002 and formally founded in 2008, Shunhao Company invited the Taiwan technical teams by 2014.
  • 2005  start to make molds to supply domestic tableware factories
  • 2010  formally registered the molds factory as the name of Shunhao Brand
  • 2012  Investment into new machines development-automatic grinding machine
  • 2014  to open joint venture of machine factory Quanzhou Hongan Machinery Co.,Ltd with Taiwan technique and also invest to R&D new machine-automatic grinding
  • 2020  Shunhao Factory owns 2 sets of top JD brand CNC machines

the founder of Shunhao Machine and moulds

Founder of the Company: Jacky He

  • 2000-2003: working as the machine operator in MCM Tableware Factory;
  • 2004: working in Jiayou Machinery Factory, as the salesman;
  • 2005- till now: start a small factory to make the molds for domestic factories; and then export the molds to nearby countries from 2008;

Based on the experienced working system, Jacky has professional marketing and helpful suggestions to all of our clients. He also helps many melamine tableware factories to open the new project successfully!

He’s always saying: “We not only sell the machines& molds to our clients, but also help them to work successfully, then truly we succeed! ”

In the past few years, Shunhao has been committed to the Professional Supply of Machines and molds:

Shunhao Company aims to provide you with one-stop service. The management team will be happy to be the sincere business partner always!

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