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How to Test the Motor Pump before Running Melamine Molding Machine?

How to Test the Motor Pump before Running Melamine Molding Machine?

May 29, 2020

It’s quite important to make sure that the motor is running normally before the production of melamine tableware molding machine.

•First, check the running direction of the motor pump after feeding the hydraulic oil.

•Then turn on the Control button under Manual from the panel, and start the motor switch.

•During motor running, test it some rolls then ok. If the motor rotation direction opposite the direction of the arrow marked, then reverse the connection of any 2 pieces of power wires out of 3.

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For many more motor problems, you can follow the steps below.

There are many reasons for the failure of the motor. Some of the failures are very similar, but the causes are different. It is generally called the motor syndrome. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the cause of motor failure and to find and eliminate the cause of the failure correctly and quickly. When the fault is unknown, you can check it as follows:

(1) Check whether the three-phase power supply has electricity;

(2) If the power supply is energized, check the fuse, switch, and starter for faults (such as whether the screws are secure and the wiring is correct, etc.)

(3) If there is no problem in (1) and (2), you can run the motor without load and check whether the fault is caused by the load;

(4) If the fault occurs in the motor itself, open the junction box and check the wiring for scorch marks or other faults;

(5) If there is no problem in (4), check whether the bearing is faulty or damaged and whether the grease is expired or missing;

(6) If there is no problem in (5), the stator winding should be checked for scorch marks, open circuit, short circuit or breakdown;

(7) Check the cage rotor for broken bars.

When the motor fails, there will often be slower speed,significantly increased temperature, abnormal noise, and burnt smell, smoke, increased current, three-phase current imbalance, live case, etc. These phenomena must be grasped and analyzed。

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