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Food & Hotel Indonesia---Shunhao Melamine Machines & Moulds

Food & Hotel Indonesia---Shunhao Melamine Machines & Moulds

September 28, 2020

The Food & Hotel Indonesia, well known as FHI, is the leading trade exhibition for food, beverage and hospitality sector for over 28 years with over 50 product categories.

• Holding time: 2021-07-28 to 2021-07-31

• Exhibition period: Every two years


FHI Shunhao Machines and Moulds

Exhibition Introduction:

1. The International Hotel, Catering Equipment, Food and Drink Exhibition is a large-scale, international professional trade exhibition for the local catering and hotel industry in Jakarta, Indonesia.

2. It has greatly promoted the development of the Indonesian retail industry, especially its huge influence on the food, beverage and hotel equipment industries.

3. The exhibition is well-known among foreign manufacturers and has a very high evaluation in the local industry which has achieved remarkable results over the years.

Shunhao melamine crockery molding machine

Exhibition Range:

1. Beer, wine and all kinds of alcohol; mineral water, non-alcoholic beverages, fruit juice and fruit juice-containing beverages, halal food, etc.

2. Biscuits, candies and pastries, frozen foods, beverages, grocery products, biotechnology products, canned foods, herbs and spices, snacks, gardening, cured meats, organic foods, dairy products, pickled products, cooked foods, food ingredients, agricultural products, etc.

3. Hotel kitchen equipment: commercial kitchen equipment, induction cooker, gas stove, coffee machine, juicer, dough mixer, steamed bun machine, vegetable cutter, vegetable filling machine, commercial baking, refrigeration equipment, pastry equipment, ice cream machine equipment, Buffet equipment, etc.

4. Hotel dining utensils: commercial tableware, kitchen utensils, paper cups, tableware, tableware, dinner plates, wine glasses, catering service utensils, stainless steel pots, coffee cups, disposable lunch boxes, trash cans, plastic bags, etc. (Any questions about melamine dining utensils production, welcome all tableware factories to contact us. Shunhao has been focusing on melamine crockery machine and melamine tableware molds for over 18 years.)

5. Hotel room supplies: telephone, notebook, file holder, trash can, storage box, disposable daily necessities, guest room textiles, bathrobes, slippers, uniforms, dry cleaning bags, carpets, wallpapers, pendants, ornaments, curtains, decorations Products, calendars, mirrors, etc.

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