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Why They Cooperate with Shunhao Company? ----Positive Feedback from Cooperators

April 24 , 2020

Shunhao Factory has been continuously supplying quality machines and molds for melamine tableware factories, urea toilet seat cover factories for over 18 years. Shunhao Machines and Moulds Company will be consistently paying attention to credibility and quality which wins the trust and affirmation from cooperating partners home and abroad.

Clients in and out of China are full of confidence in Shunhao Company.

When they need hard chrome molds, they can receive high-quality molds;

When they have new design molds to develop, they can receive solutions from Shunhao;

When they have problems with machine maintenance, they can get a professional guide;

When they are new to tableware production, they can start new projects smoothly with Shunhao team.

“During the cooperation, trust in Shunhao is the most important factor for me. I can get help from them whenever I have questions. Shelly always gives me very helpful suggestions and we are just good friends to each other” Mr. Ahmed said.

On April 1st, 2020, Shunhao Company had an interview by the local government in the molds factory. The government expressed its affirmation and recognition of the continued business and export work of Shunhao Factory, and also encouraged Shunhao to continuously focus on the quality of melamine tableware machine and molds and keep developing in the future for melamine industry.

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