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Why it's Important to Use a Chiller on the Melamine Tableware Molding Machine?

April 08 , 2020

For tableware manufacturers, how to ensure the efficient operation of the machine is a matter of great concern to them. Today, let's talk about why the melamine tableware molding machine must be installed with a chiller.

First, let's know how does the chiller work?

The chiller is used to control the oil temperature, and the oil temperature is controlled by adjusting the cooling water flow rate.

A differential pressure gauge is installed at the inlet and outlet of the chiller to control the change in the pressure difference of the cooling water before and after the chiller. If blocked, the pressure differential will increase.

When the chiller is not used, the front and rear valves of oil and water can be closed, and the lubricant will be directly delivered from the bypass to the lubrication point. The return oil needs to pass through a magnetic filter. The main purpose is to filter the iron particles in the oil after lubrication into the fuel tank to keep the oil clean.

cooling tower for tableware molding machine

Cooling Tower

Then why installing a chiller is so important to the machine?

Before the machine is used, the tableware factory needs to build a cooling tower and connect the chiller to the cooling tower with the water pipe.

The circulating water in the chiller can reduce the temperature of the hydraulic oil and prevent the aging of the machine parts caused by the high temperature.

Because the high pressure temperature generated by the melamine molding machine when making tableware reaches 60-70 degrees. If the chiller is not used, many parts such as solenoid valves, oil seals, and oil pressure valves will age, which are highly cost to repair or replace new parts.

Therefore, proper use of the chiller can reduce the risk of damage, save costs and ensure machine running life.

tableware moulding machine

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