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What is Matte Finish Mould and How to Make it?

June 08 , 2020

Melamine tableware molds can be divided into GLOSSY and MATT FINISHED according to the mold surface appearance. Most of the glossy tableware use decal paper for surface decoration. And the matt finished tableware is a new style that has just become popular a few years ago. The surface is covered by matte surface, so it is not as bright as ceramic tableware. As a result, it is not popular in the household but in hotels, restaurants, etc. In recent years, in most hotels, the matte melamine tableware has been highly respected, especially as a container for salad dishes. The matte finished tableware is different in shapes, without decals, simple but high classic.

Matte Finish Melamine Mould

Matte finished                                                                 Glossy

As you see from the different Matt surface quality of melamine tableware, there are different kinds of Matt finished molds quality. But in all, there are 2 ways to do Matt finished melamine molds.

1. Smooth matte surface. Before chrome plating, first use glass sand to spray on the surface of the mold cavity to cover the glossy surface part to form a layer like fog; then put it into the pool for chrome plating processing. This type of melamine has no decals on which looks simple, but it has an appearance of quality. The quality of the glass sand used here directly affects the quality of this matte surface. For example, some matte finished melamine tableware looks defective. This is the difference between matte molds.

Dinnerware Die With Matte Finish

2. Special matte surface with texture. The design of this type of mold needs to first determine the pattern to be etched on the surface of the mold; the correspondingly designed film is attached to the surface of the mold cavity, and then immersed in a special chemical solution for etching. Next, use glass sand to spray on the surface of the mold after etching, so the resulting mold is corroded and has a pattern effect. Generally, there are wood etching and stone etching. The melamine tableware with corroded wood etching is supplemented by decal paper, which is close to nature and is loved by many customers.

China Matte Finish Melamine Tableware Mold

The matte or etching mold also has the characteristic of scratch resistance. The hotel uses a large number of meal trays, especially black melamine tableware and the contact surface between the trays will show obvious scratching due to long-term stacking, which greatly affects the appearance. Therefore, HORECA's tableware generally chooses white melamine as glossy surface and black as etching effect.

SHUNHAO Factory is continuously committed to helping customers to develop new products for melamine tableware, such as improving the design, improving the mold structure, and the final product testing, all of the molds are taken seriously and responsibly. Such kind of melamine molds is deserved to win your trust!

stone matt and wooden etching

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