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How to Operate Toilet Seat Cover Molding Machine?

April 29 , 2020

Today, Shunhao Company will share with you some useful points about how to operate the toilet seat cover molding machine.

1) Place the machine steady on the flat floor, you can pull the chassis feet apart to make the machine panel easy to observe

2) Insert the plug on the handheld sensor head into the socket on the panel and tighten. Pay attention to the positioning gap.

3) Insert one end of the plug of the power cord into the socket on the rear panel of the chassis and the other end into the power supply socket. Please use a single-phase three-wire power supply.

4) Turn on the power switch on the rear panel of the chassis; press the power switch on the panel. When the green indicator light is on, the machine can work.

5) Press and hold the setting button to set it to an appropriate value. It’s about 5 minutes for one mould making.

6) Toilet lid molding machine has different oil system, circuit system and mold structure from the tableware compression machine, as well as different mold structures. Shunhao Factory designs machines and molds as needed;

7) A set of Toilet Seat Cover is divided into two parts: cover and seat. The molding time is enough for the same worker to operate 2 machines, saving the worker input for customers. In order to facilitate the operation for the operator and shorten the distance between two machines, Shunhao Factory can provide customers with a unique design. Look at the picture below, the electric control boxes of the two machines are close together (this structure has been highly recognized by toilet lid manufacturers!)

Shunhao new design of toilet seat and Cover molding machine

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